Disc pain can be caused by any number of conditions that affect the vital components of the spine. Discs can herniate and swell, slip away from their correct positioning between the bony vertebrae, or rupture. These issues cause pressure on the many nerves that leave the spine and make the simplest activities very painful. Read More…

With the vast number of causes of pain around the spine, it’s nearly impossible to correctly identify exactly what is happening without professional medical diagnosis. However, increased blood flow and reduced pressure on the nerves in the area will certainly help to decrease pain and inflammation.

Using the following KT Tape application can relieve pain localized at the spine on particular vertebrae as well as some radiating pain. However, make sure that you see a medical professional to address the root cause of the pain. Remember that disc pain can be a symptom of very serious issues. You should certainly consult a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment if you have trouble breathing, sleeping, balancing, or getting up and down out of a chair.

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KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape




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Had been having some problems with bad wrist tendinitis. The week prior I had a 45-minute hitting session and my wrist was very tender afterwards.



During my pregnancy I have had back pains that are constant. I put the tape on one night and did not notice any back problems then next day

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