That’s How We Roll: FREE KT TAPE giveaway!

Have you run a marathon or half-marathon in 2011?  How did KT Tape help you perform your best?

Tell us your story, and you could win a free roll of KT Tape!

Just write up your race experience with KT Tape and post as a “comment” on this blog, and you will be entered to win!

Comments will be judged by KT Tape team members and winners will be announced on Monday, April 25th here on the blog.

Comments will be accepted through Sunday, April 24th at 11:59 p.m.

Good Luck!

24 replies
  1. Edith Gan
    Edith Gan says:

    I’ve yet to join any running marathon this year but I’d been through Canoe marathon 2011 with the help of KT tape!

    Both of my ankles are injured and I’ve strain my injuries since who knows when. I guess I would probably break down and give up without KT Tape. The pain was unbearable everytime I start my training for canoeing and also for running.

    I came out with this intelligent idea to have KT tape on for my 27km canoe marathon and I felt no pain or strain at all!

    Thanks to KT Tape, I actually completed my marathon without pain and I’m gonna use it for every training session!

  2. David Loeser
    David Loeser says:

    I ran the NYC Half and Pensacola Half with KT Tape, worked great with my IT Band issues. The online videos corrected the way I using the tape and it made a great difference.

  3. Kelly Coady
    Kelly Coady says:

    I broke my foot in June of 2010 and as a result developed a really bad case of peroneal tendonitis. My foot hurt constantly and I thought I would never be able to race again. But at the expo for the Los Angeles Rock and Roll marathon your expert taught me how to tape my foot. I completed that race. So I taped up my foot and did the Las Vegas marathon and now my taped foot and I are in training for the Seattle marathon. I even brought a roll of KT to my podiatrist as a gift for his plantar fasciitis. So thank you KT for giving me back my foot.

  4. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    A week before Portland Marathon I couldn’t walk without hip pain. First time using KT Tape and I made it through the whole marathon without pain.

  5. Isela Phelps
    Isela Phelps says:

    I ran the Boston Marathon this past Monday and I wore KT Tape to protect/help my IT Band. I don’t know why I did the following since I never do it but I decided to also tape my right ankle. At mile 2, I twisted my right ankle and heard a definite “pop”. It hurt a bit and I was concerned that I may have hurt myself, I stopped to inspect it and realized that I had the tape around my ankle. I don’t know if the tape helped to give extra protection when I twisted my ankle but it didn’t really bother me after a few minutes. I want to think that it was a combination of luck and the tape around my ankle that helped me to the finish line.

  6. Ken
    Ken says:

    I ran a PR @ the Dogwood Canyone 50k trail run. Two weeks before, I couldn’t even get through a 25k training run due to ITBS, then I discovered KT. I watched the youtube instructional on how to apply, so I put it on & ran a PR!
    The best part, is a runner friend of mine inguired about my tape. She said she was having the same issue, so I applied it to her on race morning as well. Turns out had a fantastic run too! Neither one of us could have completed the distance without it, much less PR’d. Thanks again!

  7. David T
    David T says:

    I haven’t run a marathon yet but am currently using KT Tape for my plantar fasciitis. I’ve been heavily active in 5k’s lately and if it weren’t for KT Tape I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t be able to do it. It helps me everyday just for typical excercise but most importantly it relieves the pain during race day.

  8. Christina
    Christina says:

    I am inching my way into running; no marathons for me this year. However, I did the Walt Disney World 5K in with the least amount of knee pain I have ever had thanks to KT Tape. It was my first experience using KT and I am a believer. Now I recommend it to everyone with any ache and pain. It made a world of difference in my run and in my day to day activities, so grateful to the great crew at the runner’s expo fir the WDW marathon that taped me up and opened my eyes!

  9. Jon
    Jon says:

    I had spinal fusion surgery 6 months ago. I’ve lost 47 lbs since then and did my first 10k two weeks ago with the help of KT Tape. I was finding that before KT Tape came into my life that I’d get blisters like crazy, and also bad shin splints (posterior), footpad pain, and heel pain.

    I was determined before my 10k that I would find something to help and I would not stop. That’s when I found KT Tape. I followed the instructions on your website and did the 10k, pain free!

    I’m doing the Indianapolis Mini here in a few weeks and will be using more KT Tape. After that I’m signed up to do the Fort Wayne, “Fort4Fitness” mini as well. I am so thankful for finding KT Tape and for the chance to live a new healthy life after a major surgery. Thank you KT Tape!

  10. Desmond DIaz
    Desmond DIaz says:

    KT Tape is a life and time saver some times! i love it.

    this past week i have had alot of mobile client visits( i am a massage therapist) so i spend alot of time going form my home , around town and back.. last week i met a young woman who was moving out of my apartment complex where i offered to help carry some things down. She thanked me and had mentioned her husband had threw his back out and couldnt help.. I told her what i did, and offered to help later.. but she was so excited she asked e to look now.. so i agreed but only to asses as i had clients to visit.. i met the young man and listened to his story of how he hurt his lower back lifting.. i asses for from QL tension concluded he would uses a Treatment now, but i had no time.. i figured i would offer a temporary solution: KTTAPE! i told him about it and taped him up, informing him not to do anything crazy as this would assist in reducing some discomfort for him being in the house. he thanked me and noticed a difference right away.. I gave him my number and told him i would be back in the evening to help with the move or to do a treatment.. by the time i returned the husband and wife had finished all the moving and packing into the moving truck themselves. the husband said he felt so good with the tape he tried and succeeded at assisting with the move with no real trouble! he couldn’t thank me enough! i did a treatment on him and gave him a roll to keep just in case.. Now he is a regular client.. so Thank you KTTAPE!

    Desmond Diaz, LMT, NCTMB
    A Balanced Life Center

  11. Dee Cajiuat
    Dee Cajiuat says:

    Hi! My name is Dee and I’m addicted to KT Tape.

    I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll LA half marathon and had KT Tape for the first time ever! Even though it wasn’t my fastest time, I was able to complete it pain free! This was my 5th half marathon and I was pain free! I had the knee and the shin splints apps and made it through the event pain free. If only I could use KT Tape on those hills!

    I have participated in 12 half marathons and a full. I have used KT Tape in 10 of those events. When I did my full in March, I had chipped my ankle on my last long run. I used the ankle app and completed my event faster than my goal time! I love KT Tape!

  12. Krista Williams
    Krista Williams says:


    I have played roller derby for 7 years on the Rat City Rollergirls. I just discovered KT a few years ago from my chiropractor. As you can imagine I do get hurt a lot. Getting taped before a game when you just come back from injury makes such a huge difference.

    My team is experimenting now with our chiropractor on performance enhancing taping for bouts. It is pretty exciting!

    Betty Ford Galaxy #12

  13. Carlos Acosta
    Carlos Acosta says:

    I haven’t run a marthon yet, but I ran a 10-miler with the help of KT Tape for runner’s knee and it works great it aleviate to pain on my knee and allow me to run pain free.

  14. Christy Gallegos
    Christy Gallegos says:

    I was getting ready to run Moab 1/2 marathon thinking…..” Shin splints…shin splints……”
    Before boarding the buses, I felt empowered like Superman ready to kick some butt. I had my secret weapon, stashed in my utility belt (aka my duffle bag ) safe and secure, waiting for me for dangerous events facing my arch enemy… The evil and over powerful Shin Splints.

    Shin Splints approached me head-strong, and knee high with all his might! Shin Splints was ready with his backup crew… The evil Runners Knee, and his spiteful – Side kick Plantar Fasciitis.

    The evil Shin Splints and his crew were no match against my secret weapon…… The almighty and powerful KT TAPE !!!!!!

    I pulled out the Blue KT TAPE and. ….. BAM, KAPOOOOWWWWW, WAAAZZZAAAMMMMM the evil Shin Splints was stopped in his track, warning his side kicks … “save yourself you are no match against Christy and her secret weapon… K………..T………Ttttttttaaaaaaaaaappppppeeeeeeeeeee……..”

    I finished the race strong and pain free.
    My KT Tape gave me the support, structure, and confidence I needed to run my whole race without any fear.

    Tune in next time for when Christy and her secret weapon KTTape battle against the mean and never forgiving…… Stiff Back

    (KT Tape theme song, sing lyrics to Spider Man Theme)…..
    —– KT Tape, KT tape, everyone wants to use my KT tape, running high running low, KT tape gives pain the BLoW!!! Look out pain here comes KT Tape —-

  15. Dean C
    Dean C says:

    I recently completed the Bataan Memorial March in 2011. It is a full 26.2 mile marathon in the high desert of White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. I completed this event while wearing fatigues and combat boots, and while I did not have any injuries, I used KT Tape as a successful preventative measure. During training and the race, I used KT Tape as a protective layer on areas of my feet that were prone to hot spots and blisters from the boots. Much more flexible and breathable than other tapes, KT Tape remained in place throughout the entire race, and I finished without a blister! Based on previous experience, I also taped my shins to alleviate some of the strain from the added weight of wearing the boots, with great success. Thanks again, KT!

  16. Jernej
    Jernej says:

    Had a ankle injury 2 months ago(medial ankle sprain, partial torn ligaments, and a cracked ankle), Started training about a month ago(Volleyball), as my team has the final4 of the National Youth Championships in 2 weeks(7.5.2011), and whilst training I felt a lot of pain in my ankle, and it was still swelling a lot, even though the doctors said the ankle is healed. So I decided to try to use KT Tape as everything else failed… First I used the KT Tape to get rid of the swelling(fan strips), which went away in just a few weks(Even Lymf Dreinage twice a week didn’t do such a good job)!! Next thing, I used the KT Tape for pain relief of the medial ankle. My expectations were very high, and I was amazed on the first training using KT Tape, because for the first time in 2 months I was able to train, completely PAIN FREE!! And so thanks to KT Tape, I can now prepare in peace for the most important tournament of the season.
    Thanks KT Tape!

  17. Calvin Whitmore
    Calvin Whitmore says:

    I’ve been a runner for a bit over 19 years and as most runners soon find out. Our needs start to hurt. Well I have runner’s knee and for a while it kept me from running every day. I started using KT tape for a double event race that was a half marathon one day and a full marathon the next and it saved me. I used it on my hip flexors and my knee as well as my calfs. That wall I normally hit at mile 10 in the half marathon, KT tape helped me destroy it! Thanks KT tape!

  18. Eric
    Eric says:

    I haven’t run a marathon this year yet, because I’ve been suffering something Similar to Osgood Slaughters. KT Tape has helped a bit, but hasn’t solved the problem…I’ve been out of running for 4 months!….going crazy!

    Luckily day after day KT Tape is there to brighten my day =).

  19. David C
    David C says:

    Two weeks before the Boston Marathon, I strained my right hamstring while running a half marathon. Two days after the half, I went out for a slow 4mi run, and couldn’t take a step without pain. I decided to take a week off.

    The following Monday, I went out for another 5mi slow test run, and it was clear that I was not going to be able to run 10mi let alone the marathon coming up in one week. My wife got me to go see her PT the following day, and she diagnosed it as a level 1 hamstring injury. She was very concerned that I would injure it further to a level 3 if I followed through with the marathon. She recommended that I not run Boston.

    I didn’t want to injure myself farther, but I also didn’t want to waste the multiple years of work that I had done to get to Boston. For the next couple days, I worked hard on any tight areas in my legs that could be pulling on my hamstring.

    My wife had used KT Tape when she twisted her ankle three days before the Goofy Challenge (39.3mi in two days), and she made it through both! I started looking for a application for my problem area, and asked around on the KT Tape facebook page. I got some replies, one of the guys that replied happened to be taping at the expo when I got there, and he taped me up.

    I wore the tape for the next couple days, and consulted my PT one more time. I wasn’t experiencing any sharp pain while wearing the KT Tape, so she gave me the green light to attempt Boston, but listen to my body.

    I started out at my marathon pace, and didn’t feel anything until about mile 10, where it started getting a little tight. I decided to slow it down, and I would stop and walk if I felt any pain in the miles to come. The only thing was, I never did feel any pain… only tightness. I finished this marathon over 20 minutes slower than the Disney Marathon 3 months before, but I did so without injuring my hamstring farther.

    I continued to wear the KT Tape after the marathon while I recovered. I can now safely say that my hamstring is almost back to normal. I don’t think I would have run through my first Boston Marathon without the help of KT Tape. For that, I am extremely grateful.

  20. Kevin Anderson
    Kevin Anderson says:

    Does it have to have been a competition in 2011 only? Because in September, 2010, I ran in the World Championships for the Double Decathlon in Lynchburg, VA, with the help of KT tape. I had strained a hamstring just shy of a month earlier, and the extra training involved had precluded any real rest time, and actually elevated the issue to pain in my hip and my knee on the same leg. I ran 20 track and field events over the course of two days, beginning with the 100 meter dash, and culminating in the 10k. Days before the race I looked up several how-to videos, and I ran with my hip taped, my hamstring taped, and my knee taped, and although I certainly felt the hamstring when I stretched and warmed up, I was able to complete the entire event without adjusting my pace in any of the races, and I ended up finishing 6th, and breaking my goal of 8000 points by 1000 points. I am now a member of the 9000 point club for the Double Decathlon, and I couldn’t feel better about it – and KT tape helped me get there!

  21. Chad
    Chad says:

    I have yet to use KT Tape in a marathon setting, however this is how KT Tape helped me. Between my knee and shoulder it’s easy to say that I am a mess.

    I am a resident of the midwest which, for those of you that havn’t heard, is the site of MAJOR flooding caused by the Missouri river and a chain of dams. I am not directly affected by the flooding, only because we are on a hill, but have several friends and family members that have been. For well over a month now I have been filling sandbags at the number of volunteer locations set up in the area.

    I got a call from a longtime friend telling me that the Sheriff had shown up at there home and informed them that they had less than three days to evacuate there home. I strapped on my boots, jumped in my truck and headed out to see how I could help. There were POD units being dropped off when I arrived and we began the long process of loading everything they own into these units…….and I don’t just mean belongings central air units, furnace, water heater and every appliance.

    After the first 14 hour shift I was exhausted and felt like I had just finished BASIC again. The next day I could barely move, but knowing what they were facing was enough to get me going again. A friend told me about KT Tape on my Fabebook, and I stopped by my local sporting goods store on the way out. With a sense of urgency and overall gloom, I was trying anything I could to lift the spirits of everyone involved. So there I show up…..all 6’2″ 250lbs of me, sporting my bright PINK KT Tape, and you should have seen them laugh. I soon was the one laughing, when I was running circles around them. I felt GREAT and pretty soon the roll was gone, between everyone there, and we had to go get more.

    Long story short……I have helped to evacuate half a dozen homes, and have had a hand in filling hundreds of thousands of sandbags, helping those I love and those I don’t even know. Without any hesitation, when people ask me how I keep going, I tell them all about the multicolor strips decorating my body, and tell them how amazing this stuff really is.

    Thank You KT Tape,
    Chad, NE

  22. elemo mussa
    elemo mussa says:

    my first year using KT tape was incredible. I used KT tape for everything and every sport i played in. Having pulled a tight hamstring prevents me to work to my fullest ability but after applying KT tape, I can run with no pain. Thank You KT tape!

  23. Derral
    Derral says:

    I was registered to run in the SLC Marathon 5k. During a boxing workout 3 days prior to the race I sustained a hamstring injury. I had seen other athletes wear the KT Tape during the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay Race. I decided to research KT Tape and wanted to try it. Prior to my 5k I saw that KT had a booth at the pre-race vendor show the day before the start. I visited the booth and asked if I could have my hamstring tape, which your rep promptly told me, sure we can, but we can’t if your wearing pants. Unfortunately I was. Your rep sent me away with several tape samples and said there were instructional videos on the website. Dejected I walked away and proceed to walk through the other vendor booths. Fortunately one of the booths had running shorts on sale. I immediately bought a pair, went and changed in the restroom and made my way back to your booth. “Now are you able to tape my hamstring?” They instantly said “yes”. I was taped and was able to run the 5k the next day almost pain free.

    • ccarroll
      ccarroll says:

      These expos have lots of attendees, and we like to keep it as family friendly as possible. I am glad however that you were able to locate some shorts so that we could tape up your hamstring. I think it is awesome that it helped during your run, and that you had a chance to try it out!


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