Tips & Tricks: How to apply and care for KT Tape in wet conditions

Apply tape at least one hour before swimming, showering, or sweating.  If your tape is wet, use a towel to gently pat it dry.  A hair dryer on the lowest setting can also be used to help dry the tape.  However, because the tape’s adhesive is heat activated, do not use a hair dryer on a high setting as it can make the tape difficult to remove.

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  1. Ant Harris
    Ant Harris says:

    I shaved, scrubbed literally the oils from my foot! Waited and triple checked I applied correctly but after one day my KTtape Pro is quite loose and in places falling off.

    Great marketing, and I really had high hopes, but bitterly disappointed.
    It simply isn’t waterproof at all, and advertising as such is false (which in the U.K. Is against Trading Standards). In the U.K this product is very expensive compared to similar products and has shown that this is not worth the premium price.

  2. Timothy Frederick
    Timothy Frederick says:

    I had a simular experience. Used KT tape and it was awsome! Told all my friends about it. Then before my next race bought another roll. Wash, shaved, scrubbed my knee used a blow dryer to apply the tape just like before and less then a mile into a 1/2 marathon it all just fell off my knee. At $20.00 a roll you would think you would have better quality control. Got 2 races in CA in 3 weeks and just can’t trust your tape

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