Get Ace Abs with Kerri Walsh

Our favorite beach volleyball Olympic gold medalist, who treats her shoulder pain with KT Tape, Kerri Walsh, is sharing her workout secrets again! Along with her trainer Kerry Wachtfogel, Kerri has created a step by step guide, with pictures and instructions, to getting a toned tummy just like hers.  We showed you her secrets for killer glutes, but now she's back with the best ab workout out there.  And she should know--she's becoming known for being the bounce-back-after-baby poster child.  Last summer she managed to get into great competition shape just three months after giving birth to her first son, Joey, and this summer is no different. Click here to see how Kerri is getting her famous beach abs back after the birth of her son Sundance just a couple of months ago. Also be sure to check out Kerri’s booty workout.