Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Training? Ask Kerri Walsh.

A training update from Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and KT Tape Athlete Kerri Walsh: Hey KT tapers, Quick update on our preseason activities. To make a long story short, we're getting our tooshies kicked -- hard!! The cobb webs have officially been dusted off, and we are knee deep in double day work outs, muscles so sore it's hard to walk (temporarily, of course!), and training sessions that make you want to pull out your hair. I am getting pushed out of my comfort zone every single day, be it on the sand, in my pilates sessions, or in my Fast Twitch workouts. I have a love/hate relationship with leaving my comfort zone. I hate it because I absolutely despise being "bad" at something. But I absolutely LOVE what happens when I let go of my ego, stop worrying about looking silly & making mistakes, and try something new. I love it so much because true growth happens when I do this. I have some huge goals I plan on accomplishing in the coming year(s), and I have a feeling my ego will be shelved for the long haul -- Onward!! All my best and happy working out to all you in the land of KT. Always, Kerri *have a wonderful day*