Kerri Walsh's Couple's Workout

It’s always good to mix up your workout to keep it fresh and interesting.  Throwing in a couple’s workout with your significant other is a great way to do that.  KT Tape-sponsored athlete Kerri Walsh shares some tidbits on how she and her husband Casey Jennings keep in shape with their couple’s beach workout.  Kerri writes: Every now and then, my husband, Casey, and I work out together.  When we do, we usually do intervals.  We’ll warm up with a nice jog on the beach.  Then we’ll do beach sprints.  We sprint from one lifeguard station to the next.  Then we jog to the next lifeguard station, and then run to the lifeguard station after that.  Changing up the speed helps burn more calories. Next, we do lunges, push-ups, and a few footwork drills.  It’s fun to do sit-ups together, because we can toss around a medicine ball.  We usually take the medicine ball and toss it back and forth between us as the other one does a sit-up.  If we aren’t jogging, we will work out at home with the exercise ball that we have. For other workouts with Kerri visit her the photo page of her website here.