ATP Trainer Joins KT Tape Advisory Board

For elite sports clinicians and trainers, KT Tape is an essential part of the treatment toolkit for all athletes, and professional tennis players are no exception. Lumos Inc, creator of KT Tape, announces the newest addition to KT Tape’s Medical Advisory Board to be Clay Sniteman, M.S. PT, ATC, physical therapist and athletic trainer for the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). Sniteman is an expert in Kinesiology Therapeutic Taping for top tennis athletes at professional tournaments, and brings KT Tape to the center court of the biggest events in tennis. Sniteman’s court presence means he’ll be taping up professional athletes currently battling injuries, as well as attending to athletes who are injured during play. KT Tape is used before, during, and after play to treat tennis players’ sore or injured muscles, joints, and tendons while still preserving full freedom of motion.  Top tennis professionals have already been spotted wearing KT Tape on tour, click here for photos. “KT Tape is an amazing product that has been incorporated into my own practice for years,” Sniteman says. “KT Tape empowers athletes to compete at their very best.  This is a great opportunity to work directly with a product that I really understand and support. I am excited to bring my unique background and expertise working with elite tennis athletes to the KT Tape Medical Advisory Board.” Sniteman’s resume boasts an impressive history as a former physical therapist and athletic trainer for the 2002 Winter Olympics for figure and speed skating, the World Short Track Speed Skating Championships, 2002 Winter Para Olympics and the Chicago Sledgehockey Team. He owns Sundance Performance Therapy, based at Weber State University where he is a physical therapy adjunct faculty member.  He is a global speaker and author about human biomechanics and advises treatment plans while customizing individualized training and workout programs for numerous elite athletes. As a member of KT Tape’s Medical Advisory Board, Sniteman and other qualified health professionals advise KT Tape on how to provide the best rehabilitation and pain management to consumers. As an active player in the newly-launched KT Tape EDU program, Sniteman will participate in on-site and online clinics and be a key resource for taping techniques and information. “We are extremely pleased to welcome Clay Sniteman to the KT Tape Medical Advisory Board,” says Jim Jenson, Vice President of KT Tape. “Clay’s insight into the professional tennis world is already enhancing KT Tape’s offering and resources for tennis athletes everywhere, and we look forward to seeing him in action at major tournaments throughout the world.”