Biking Question? Ask Reba!

Once a month three-time 24hr Solo World Mtn Bike Champ, Leadville Trail 100 2009 Mountain Bike Champ and KT Tape athlete Rebecca Rusch puts up her bike and tackles her inbox to answer your cycling questions on her website.  The person with the most interesting question wins some awesome swag.  So if you have some cycling conundrum that’s been plaguing you, just Ask Reba. July’s winning question was from Ganesh Harinath: Q: I’d like to know… what’s the aspect of your life that is most transferable to people like me, who work in business? Are there any lessons you’ve learned in your amazing career as a professional athlete that is portable enough for someone like me, a young business person, to apply to my own life? A: It’s very simple, but seems to take years to learn.  It’s the same stuff they teach you in kindergarten.  Try hard, never quit, surround yourself with good people, treat others as you would like to be treated, choose a career/activities that you are passionate about and never, never quit. I know I said “never quit” twice, but that seems to be one of the main keys to success that I’ve learned.  Even when something seems impossible and they are not going well, just keep working and many times your persistence will pay off in the end.  I’ve won many races after  being sick, being slow, getting flat tires, but just plugging along. Great advice Rebecca!  To enter the August Ask Reba Giveaway email your question to  To keep up with Rebecca go to her website here.