"Bump it Up" with Kerri Walsh

Dear Friends and Fellow KT Tape Fans, Now that I'm nearing the end of my second pregnancy it's so nice to get to spend some time in the company of other pregnant women, and last week I got to do just that. Style expert and author, Amy Tara Koch, launched her new book, "Bump it Up," at the W Hotel in Los Angeles with a poolside party, mocktails (translation: alcohol free cocktails), Sprinkles cupcakes and a whole lot of pregnant women. Tara gave us all some great tips on looking chic while pregnant, like:
  • Get out of the preggo dumps with high heels
  • Go for the Gold (you know I love that!) with bold jewelry
  • Be a Drama Queen with statement accessories
  • Love Thy Lycra - form fitting clothes are most flattering for pregnant women
And, in return I got to share one of my favorite pregnancy tips with all of them: KT Tape for aches and pains. Betcha didn't know that it was a secret tool of many pregnant women! Each guest got a sample of KT Tape in their fabulous gift bag, along with treats from Murad, Bliss Spa, Tide and much more. More on my favorite ways to use KT Tape during pregnancy in the next few weeks... Be well, Kerri