Don't Let Your Injury Restrict You This Winter

KT Tape knows the importance of having the proper gear for the season, and we are here to tell you that you can’t beat KT Tape for winter injuries.  For active people dealing with sporting injuries during winter months, there are a lot of things to consider; mobility, effectiveness, value, etc.  KT Tape has these things covered.  For winter sports, you are often bundled up with many layers and a bulky knee brace or athletic bandage just won’t cut it.  You need to be able to have full range of motion, so a restrictive thick athletic wrap is going to limit that a great deal.  KT Tape elastic athletic tape is extremely low profile and gives full range of motion.  Its non-restricting design allows you to wear it under layers without the bulk.  It's perfect under your thermals and ski pants.  Just because it is low profile doesn’t mean it sacrifices any kind of support however.  KT Tape offers a full range of  customizable taping applications. Our Second Skin Adhesion technology is designed to mimic the body’s own flesh, helping to improve circulation in the affected taped area.  In the colder temperatures our blood constricts, which can be bad for the injured area.  KT Tape helps circulation, which is important in helping heal and treat an injury. KT Tape is affordable and widely available.  A box of 20 precut strips is a great value at only $12 in most areas.  You don’t have to go to a clinic to benefit from KT Tape.  Most major sporting goods  stores like Sports Authority carry KT Tape athletic tape. KT Tape is made of 100% breathable cotton and our special adhesive plays off of your bodies own heat so it never gets brittle in the cold. This winter let KT Tape help with addressing your specific injuries and we know you will be able to stay out longer and play harder.