Guest Blogger: I Never thought I would run again...

We are happy to share another inspiring guest post by KT Tape fan Kim D. from Lake Stevens, WA:

My name is Kim, I am a 38 year old mom who started running 3 years ago.

When I started running, I knew nothing other than what I read online. My 1st half marathon time was 3:50:45. I was just happy to finish. I thought I might be able to do a bit better than that so I signed up for Seattle Rock n Roll in June 2010 finishing in 3:14:23. I was happy.

In August of 2010, I had a stroke. My doctor said I would probably never run again. I took that as a challenge. I finished the Seattle Half 11.28.2010 in 3:19:23 and an awful case of shin splints. Having never run before 2010, I had no idea what to do. Somehow I stumbled upon KT tape (I think there was a sample in RnR Vegas swag bag my husband got that December). I could not believe that from the moment I put it on, it eased 90% of my pain. I could run again! When I spoke with my doctor about it, he said if it works go for it, either that or stop running until the pain goes away. I have worn KT tape on every run since!

I have now run 13 half marathons, PRing every one! My last half was 3.24.2013 finishing in 2:36:26. I am also training for Portland Marathon in October, Chelanman Olympic Triathlon in July and at least 2 more half marathons this year.

Every time I run a race, I am asked about the tape on my shins, I tell people it is the best thing in my gym bag. I tell them about all the "how to" videos on the website, that will cover just about any ache or pain you have. Now that I am in love with the Pro and sticky spray people at the pool ask what is on my legs. At my last doctors appointment, the nurse saw my tape and said she has planter fasciitis, I told her about the how to video and she went out and bought some. I have taped the girls of the high school soccer team (knees) and boys from the basketball team (shoulder).

KT is an amazing product that has changed my life and made it possible for me to run without having to take months off, it has allowed me to train harder without damaging my shins anymore.

I know my times are not record setters for the pro athletes, but for a mom and housewife in everyday America, I am pretty much in the middle of the pack. Everyday athletes with aches and pains and no desire to be pro athletes still have a desire to use pro products that work.

Thanks so much!