"It should be in every fighter's bag."--Jamie McNinch, D.C.

Note from the Editor:  Jamie McNinch, D.C. from McNinch Chiropractic Center in Greenville, Michigan is a fan of KT Tape and uses it on his chiropractic clients. He has worked with the International Pro Rodeo Association, Midwest Pro Beach Volleyball , Grand Rapids Huskies Semi-Pro Football Team, Championship Bullriders Tour, Grand Rapids MASH Fighting Team, Outlaw MMA fighting team.  Here's what he has to say about the benefits of KT Tape. From Jamie McNich, D.C.: As a Sports Chiropractor who provides care for several MMA Fight Teams, I understand the importance of KT Tape .   One has to understand not only the physical demands of cage fighting but also the mental demands of a fighter.   To these athletes quitting is not an option and an injury in not going to slow them down or make them quit training.  Normally these warriors just push through the pain, over-train and then come to me hoping for that miracle adjustment.  Which is great that they have so much faith in what I do, but realistically there is only so much one can do.  But adding KT Tape to my arsenal has improved my care for the fighters tremendously.
With the help of KT Tape I am able to adjust the spine and whatever else needs adjusted like a wrist, shoulder, knee or ankle and then I can use KT Tape to stabilize the joint and decrease stress and pain to the area.   I love that the strips are pre-cut and perforated.  There is not an easier kinesiology therapeutic  tape out there.
Any fighter out there that is not using KT Tape is at a real big disadvantage.  KT Tape will allow you to train with minimal pain and without the restriction of regular athletic tape.  You do not have to live with the everyday aches and pains from training.  KT Tape is very easy to use and should be in every fighters bag.  
Don’t submit to the pain, get KT Tape. Jamie McNinch, D.C.
Sports Chiropractor
Licensed MMA Judge //