"It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Super KT Tape!"

Congratulations to Christy G. who won our weekend giveaway!  Choosing a winner was very difficult given the awesome stories we read from each of you, so stay tuned for more opportunities to win FREE KT Tape coming soon!  In the meantime, check out Christy’s KT Tape success story below:  I was getting ready to run Moab 1/2 marathon thinking…..” Shin splints…shin splints……”
Before boarding the buses, I felt empowered like Superman ready to kick some butt. I had my secret weapon, stashed in my utility belt (aka my duffle bag ) safe and secure, waiting for me for dangerous events facing my arch enemy… The evil and over powerful Shin Splints.  Shin Splints approached me head-strong, and knee high with all his might! Shin Splints was ready with his backup crew… The evil Runners Knee, and his spiteful – Side kick Plantar Fasciitis.  The evil Shin Splints and his crew were no match against my secret weapon…… The almighty and powerful KT TAPE !!!!!!  I pulled out the Blue KT TAPE and. ….. BAM, KAPOOOOWWWWW, WAAAZZZAAAMMMMM the evil Shin Splints was stopped in his track, warning his side kicks … “save yourself you are no match against Christy and her secret weapon… K………..T………Ttttttttaaaaaaaaaappppppeeeeeeeeeee……..”  I finished the race strong and pain free. My KT Tape gave me the support, structure, and confidence I needed to run my whole race without any fear.  Tune in next time for when Christy and her secret weapon KTTape battle against the mean and never forgiving…… Stiff Back.  (KT Tape theme song, sing lyrics to Spider Man Theme)…..
—– KT Tape, KT tape, everyone wants to use my KT tape, running high running low, KT tape gives pain the BLoW!!! Look out pain here comes KT Tape —-  Congrats, Christy!  Stay tuned for more opportunities to win KT Tape soon!