It's All in the Hips

It’s all in the Hips:  Why Strong Hip Muscles Could Mean Fewer Leg Injuries for Runners KT Tape finds itself treating a lot of running injuries.  Some of the most common problems in running are caused by overuse.   While you'll see KT Tape helping athletes with problems such as runner’s knee, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints and sore feet, the injuries might not originate at the knee or below.  According to a new research review, the problems start much higher, at the hip. "The hip muscles are responsible for stabilizing the leg during running.  If these muscles are weak, or become fatigued easily, there is less control of the leg and the risk of injury increases," says Dr. Reed Ferber, University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada via Reuters Health. The best way to avoid these problems, according to the study, is to strengthen the hip flexor muscles.  Many athletes saw significant results and a reduction in symptoms and injuries after 6 weeks of training.  A great exercise to strengthen the hip muscles is the Standing Hip Abductor.  It can be done on a machine, as seen in the example or with a resistance band.