Kerri Walsh Pregnant

KT Tape Athlete and two-time Olympic Beach Vollyball Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh recently announced she's expecting her second child this spring with husband Casey Jennings. She told Universal Sports that she's planning on taking off the 2010 season to spend time with her growing family. She plans to get back into training for the 2011 season. While Kerri is loving motherhood and pregnancy, she's made it very clear that she plans to return to her career on the sand after kiddo #2 comes around.  After the birth of her first son Joey, last May, Kerri was back in top form, competing in the AVP in less than three months. "I'm pregnant again so I'm taking this year off," Kerri said in her interview. "I'll be taking care of my family and starting to creep back into shape and I'll be ready for the 2011 season.” Kerri taking time off means leaving her partner, Misty May-Treanor, who teamed up with fellow AVP star Nicole Branagh for the 2010 season.  Kerri told Universal Sports, "I'm definitely a little jealous, but I'm really excited for her. I know she's going to kick butt and it'll be a great team to root for. And also be motivating because I want my partner back." Congratulations to Kerri and Casey and brother Joey!