KT Tape Love Fest

Happy Valentine’s Day! We are always excited to hear that our customers LOVE KT Tape, so on this Valentine’s Day we decided to share the LOVE and post our customers’ own words:   I LOVE KT Tape- it helps me so much with my runner’s knee.  I run an average of 20-25 miles a week-  What a difference KT Tape makes.  I’m running in a half marathon every month this year and probably would not be able to do this without the help of the KT Tape.  Thank you so much!  -David T. Well I want to tell my story!! Ran at the Thunder Road Marathon and I was going in with sore calves from calf pulls. I saw the vendor there at the expo and he KT “taped” me up—I ran a half marathon with NO calf pain!  LOVE IT!!!  -Kelly I’ve had horrible shin splints since November and I couldn’t train for the Arizona Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon the way I’d wanted to.  It was my first half and I was really worried I would end up walking it.  I saw the KT Tape booth at the expo and figured, what the heck?  Well, after KT Taping I felt better instantly and I was able to run the Half Marathon with NO pain (something I haven’t done in 8 weeks!, and finished 5 min ahead of my goal time.  I LOVE KT TAPE!  -Chrissy S. I'm a runner who recently fell in LOVE with KT Tape.  My son, an 8 year old competitive gymnast, is in LOVE with it, too.  He calls it "Miracle Tape!"  He recently had a lot of pain in the top of his foot, and after asking about it on the KT Tape facebook page and getting some super advice - I was able to tape his foot with great results. He was back in the gym the next day!  He had no pain during his floor routine and, even I - a diehard KT Tape fan - was surprised when he had no pain on dismounts from rings, highbar, or P-bars!  Thanks so much for helping me get my little gymnast back in the gym! -Jacquelynn L. I LOVE KT tape.  I had a grade III AC separation, and I tried the general shoulder taping method and it works well.  Thank you, KT Tape rocks!  - Eric L. Why not join in on the LoveFest- Why do you LOVE KT Tape?