Marine Corps Semper Fi and Semper Fit with KT Tape

Top Marine Runners from bases and stations across the nation come together to compete as the All Marine Corps Track Team.  Recently Dr. Michael Moses of Novapain Rehab in Arlington, VA (pictured at left taping a Marines’ quad) traveled with the Marine Corps team at an event in San Diego, CA and treated the Marines athletes with KT Tape. Led by Coach Joe Puleo, the Marines Track Team sported their team colors not only by their uniforms, but by their KT Tape as well!  Coach Joe Puleo is also the men’s and women’s cross country coach at Rutgers-Camden.  Puleo has coached three CISM World Championship teams for the United States Armed Forces. Click on the following links to learn more about the United States Marine Corps Running Program and view the 2011 Marine Corps Sports Calendar.