NovaPain and Rehab Center Give Rugby Players the Treatment

Dr. Moses of NovaPain and Rehab Center loves KT Tape.  He uses it to treat marathon runners, rugby players and Crossfit athletes.  And why does he prefer KT Tape over other kinesiology therapeutic athletic tape brands? “The uniqueness of the brand, it’s easier to use, and the patients rave about the creativity of the product,” says Dr. Moses. Dr. Moses was recently at a rugby event where he taped athletes like Scotty Fraser of New Zealand's top rugby team.  The event was the 14th Annual Ambassador Shield Rugby Match which pits the New Zealand Ambassadors XV, a team of New Zealand’s best players, and the US Combined Services rugby team.  KT Tape is proud to support this event as well as the NovaPain Rehab Center.  For more on this rugby event that benefits the youth rugby program at Hyde Leadership Public Charter School click here.  To find a KT Tape clinic near you click here.