Remember to Tape Up Before Hot Yoga

Yoga has been gaining momentum for quite awhile and there are many different disciplines within the practice. As of late, a particular style has gained popularity within the discipline: Hot Yoga.  This style of yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, entails a number of poses called asanas inside an environment where the heat ranges from 98 to 105 degrees F.  By performing these postures in a heated setting, the muscles warm up quickly and thus stretch more easily.  When you decide to enter this arena, you will soon realize your sweating potential. Many benefits are associated with practice of Hot Yoga.  According to Tanya Martinenko of, "Yoga works on many different levels, both physical and psychological; and the deeper, lasting benefits are more noticeable over time and a regular practice. But even just one hot yoga session will leave you feeling relaxed, energized, and renewed; and will fill you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment." Other benefits include weight loss, appetite control, the curbing of anxiety and depression, and core strength improvement. With a huge amount of fluid loss inherent in this style of Yoga, one should make sure to show up to each session well hydrated and continue to hydrate throughout the day. And since you're likely a KT Tape user, we encourage you to remember to tape up before the class, since it will be harder to tape up when you are extremely sweaty.  Tape up sixty minutes prior to class starting, and you're good to go. If done properly, the tape won't come off in hot yoga, no matter how hard you sweatClick here to see the IMPORTANT TIPS listed on our website. KT Tape remains in place whether you are bathing in your own perspiration, swimming, or showering.   KT Tape does not restrict motion like other wraps, tapes or bands.  In the world of yoga, you cannot afford to have any motion restricted. This elastic athletic tape will reduce the muscle pain you will certainly experience  during the early stages of your hot yoga journey.  So turn up the heat, shed the clothes and drink copious amounts of water. Twist yourself into health and bring KT Tape along the way.