Salomon US Running Team Wants KT Tape!

The Salomon US Running Team made a special request recently in preparation for the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run.  Their request?  KT Tape.  The Salomon US Running Team is comprised of top world class endurance runners, so we are thrilled they will be using KT Tape for the upcoming event. The Gore-Tex TransRockies Run is based on the success of the Gore-Tex TransAlpine-Run in Europe and TransRockies Mountain Bike race.  The TransRockie Run is a 6-day point to point race comprised of some 200 teams of two from all over the world.  They will run, eat and live together as they cover the 113 mile course.  The course is a mix of singletrack and forest road and has an elevation gain of nearly 25,000, reaching altitudes over 12,500 feet.  The race starts in Buena Vista, California and ends in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Running in such extreme conditions and over rough terrain can be hard on the joints, so we are happy our friends at Salomon Running will be well armed with  KT Tape to ease their aches and pains. For more on Salomon Running visit their website or Facebook page. For more on the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run click here.