Show Your Team Pride With KT Tape This Football Season

College Football season is in full swing, and we at KT Tape couldn’t be more excited!  We're way into the tailgate barbecues, roaring crowds, nail biting games and of course dressing up in our favorite school colors from head to toe complete with face paint and foam finger.  There is a real sense of school spirit and pride that comes with sporting a matching two-toned sweat suit and commemorative jersey that no one can take away.  The players on the field know they aren’t just playing for themselves or their school, they are playing for an entire community. So we the fans war our team’s colors as a show of loyalty and solidarity.  That’s some powerful stuff. But come Monday when the excitement of the big game has fully died down, do we the fans just hide our pride until the next game?  Oh no!  We sport bumper stickers, key chains, embroidered hats, etc.  The players train all week, and so should the fans.  That’s why we at KT Tape are so excited to have a full range of team colors of Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape to keep everyone, fans and players alike, in tip-top shape.  And since we are going to be wearing KT Tape to ease our aches and pains anyway, of course it makes sense to wear our team colors! So players--please know that as you do sprints during your 5am workout before your psych midterm, we the fans are right there alongside you on our morning run before our board meetings sporting your team colors.  It’s only fair that while you train we train. You can get your team colors from the full range of team colors from a KT Tape professional practitioner or by emailing Standard colors available at many retail locations are Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Black, Beige.  Team colors are Yellow, Maroon, Light Blue, Silver, Navy, Orange, Forest Green, Purple and White.  Team colors come in bulk packs of four.