SLAM Magazine Review

Much thanks to Sandy Dover and our friends at SLAM Magazine for the great review on KT Tape. In the review, Dover not only highlights how pro ballers use KT Tape for healing and rehabilitation, but have a first-hand view of how it's applied and how it works. From SLAM Online's Sandy Dover: "The tape itself can be used literally from the neck down to the feet and can be used to treat pain and support the neck, shoulders, elbows, upper and lower back, wrists, upper and lower legs, knees, ankles and feet. So you have runner’s knee? Check. Tennis elbow? Roger that. Spin splints, sprains and tendinitis? Yes, si, and da, it treats all of those ailments. KT Tape can even be used for that blasted plantar fasciitis (…Brandon Roy…Tony Parker…Ron Artest…). In the similitude of Kevin Garnett, I decided to wrap the tape around my knee like he might, and since I just have the occasional symptoms of runner’s knee (non-chronic, knock on wood) and it was the easiest place to apply without needing a second person to assist me, I went for it. It felt quite comfortable and it felt surprisingly supportive around my knee. Then, after waiting for the non-latex tape to set on my skin before I did anything else, I went and did some high-impact cardio exercise in the form of rope jumping. Because that activity is the best way for me to measure how much support the KT Tape was going to offer for my KT Taped knee, I did that for 30 minutes and alternated foot jumps for variety and further measuring and judgment.

Basically, I finished and I had no problems, no pain and the tape was still intact–it was a positive experience. It really was, and it acted like external tendons or ligaments for my knee (in a way that Nike’s Vectran threads in the Flywire technology are used to wrap the foot in athletic shoes–namely in the various Zoom Kobe, Hyperdunk and Hyperize basketball series)."
We're excited to see more and more basketball players making KT Tape part of their training, game-day and post-game regimen. To read Sandy's entire article, click here.