Tales From the Green Screen

We've been super busy the past couple of weeks videotaping even more KT Tape taping applications for specific injuries, aches and pains. Soon, by clicking on http://www.kttape.com/instructions you'll be able to see dozens and dozens of taping applications.  We already have a good offering--we have about two dozen current video instructions for neck & shoulders, arms & hands, knee & legs, ankles & feet and back. But with the expanded offering of video instructions, you'll literally be able to point to a muscle or joint and get the exact taping procedure for that problem area.  And the videos are very easy to follow. Physical Therapist Chris Harper does a great job demonstrating how to tape yourself, and how to tape someone else.  With a degree in PT from Boston Bouve' College of Pharmacy and Human Development Professions at Northeastern University, Chris has extensive experience working  with athletic and orthopedic injuries.  And, he's currently finishing up his post-professional doctorate program at the University of Utah.   While he clearly knows his stuff on a clinical level, he also does a great job explaining how and why the tape works in layman's terms. So, stay tuned for the huge library of new instructional videos--and pick up plenty of tape so you'll be feeling great from head to toe.