"Thanks KT Tape, You Make Me A Better Dad"

We love hearing how KT Tape has changed the lives of our fans, and couldn’t help but share this inspiring story from Mike Berta of New York: Two years ago I was 325 pounds, out of shape, out of energy, out of patience, and killing myself. In December 2009 that all changed. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, and my sleep apnea upgraded to severe. While the diagnosis explained my awful temper, my mood swings, and my elevated stress levels, it did NOT excuse them. I resolved myself to lose the weight, recover my health, and give my family the Dad/Husband they deserved. I set out, with help from a few friends, to drop the weight first. With the right diet and right activity the pounds melted off. After 7 months I'd lost nearly 90 pounds but was stalling and couldn't shed more weight. My diabetes educator, a runner himself, advised me to get running. He dared me to run a marathon. Well, I didn't start as a marathoner; I started with the goal of completing a 5 mile race. I ran almost daily but 7 weeks before my race I began to feel an excruciating pain in my knee when I ran. You guessed it- IT Band! I was sidelined and upset. I did the stretching, the exercises, and still no real improvement. I googled IT Band support, devices, etc. and came across KT Tape. At first I was a bit leery, but the testimonies, videos, and website convinced me to try it anyway. I was desperate and now only 4 weeks away from my 5 mile race. I picked up the roll and experimented with different taping patterns until I settled on the Lateral Knee Pain method. It worked and I was elated! Not quite ready for my 5 miler by way of stamina, having been 3 weeks waylaid, I felt anxious heading into the race but I hit the course anyway. To my happiness, no pain- all joy. KT Tape WORKED and I was able to complete my 5 mile race and my first running goal! A few weeks later I picked up with a marathon training group at Fleet Feet-Buffalo and set out on my mission. I completed my first half marathon in May and will complete my first marathon in October. All with KT Tape on my knees. How has KT Tape made me a better man? Dad? Husband? Well the answer is pretty simple. Running helps me stay fit, being fit and healthy makes me happier and more focused on what's important - family. Without KT Tape I wouldn’t be running and I wouldn’t have my little girl cheering me on at every race, even the rainy ones. Thanks KT Tape, you make me a better Dad because you help me run safer, longer, and with more stability. Mike Pictured above is Mike, his daughter Olivia, and his left-knee KT Tape after the completion of his first 5-mile race! To read more about Mike’s quest to run his first marathon, visit his blog