Wait, There's an App for THAT?

KT Tape has endless possibilities, it is not just limited strictly to the suggested online instructions.  If you can name it -- KT Tape can probably help.  A fan on Facebook asked this question – “My daughter is a cheerleader & somehow injured her big toe, like where you would get a bunion?  Any ideas as how to tape it so it can heal & she can feel some relief?  Thanks for the advice.” KT Tape’s suggestion? – Tape the toe similar to taping a finger in the finger jam application.  You can cut the anchor (logo) side off of an I-strip, tear the perforation down the middle, and have two thin strips.  Use one on top of the other for extra support and cushion. KT Tape to the rescue, if even a bit unconventional. Visit the KT Tape Facebook page to brows discussions on other ways people are using KT Tape. We love it when customers get creative, just remember to use caution when experimenting with a new and inventive application and it’s always best to ask our KT Tape Expert on the instructions page or consult a KT Tape trained clinician first.