What's up this weekend?

Friday is here again- what will you be doing this weekend?  We want to know if it includes KT Tape.  Here is a sampling of weekend plans from our KT Tape fans.  Tell us what you're doing! “I’m KT Taping my knees tonight and hitting an 8-mile in the morning.” –Mike  “I’m KT Taping my heels and running the Tokyo Marathon… wish you guys were here promoting your fantastic product!” –Satoshi  “Soccer (futbol) tournament in Riverside, CA… this weekend for my 13 year old girl…” –Jose  “I am KT Taping my knee and hitting 7 miels tomorrow, and 13 miles on Sunday!” –Matthew  “Tapering for Little Rock” –Daniel  “I will be recovering from my vacation where, ironically, I did a whole bunch of KT TAPING… loved it!” –Joe  “Performing massages and taping runners at the Disney princess marathon… they really wished you guys were there! LOL” –Desmond  “Taping up the foot and shin.  Hyannis half marathon Sunday.  8 weeks to Boston.” –Emmett “Tapin’ my athletes at the Western Athletic Conference swim and dive championships in San Antonio!” –Steve  “Just taped up my knee and ankle for the Walk for Life tomorrow morning!” -Amanda Tell us about your weekend plans, and don't forget to check out KT Tape's events and instructions pages before you go!