Denver Post: "KT Tape Looks To Be Sticking Around"

The Denver Post recently featured published an article interviewing KT Tape Vice President of Marketing and Sales Jim Jenson.  Read below for an excerpt, and click on link below to read the whole article! The full impact didn't hit Jim Jenson and the KT Tape team until the Facebook testimonials started rolling in. It was then that Jenson, vice president of marketing and sales, and the entire staff knew they'd hit on something. But it had taken a while for the public to be clued in. That's where the 2008 Beijing Olympics came in. Beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh was wearing the tape and the massive exposure of the Olympic stage brought the product to light. "During the Olympics, kinesiology tape was, I think, the second most Googled term behind Michael Phelps," Jenson said. "There was this mass, mass interest." Kinesiology tape isn't new. It's been around for decades and is used by athletes, trainers, chiropractors and massage therapists, among others. But this colorful consumer brand is new. Made by Lumos Inc., the tape was launched late in 2008 and started gaining a widespread foothold in sporting goods stores in early 2009. And for the everyday athlete with aches and pains and injuries, it's been a smash success. "Given the nature of the product, it really was one of these amazing clinical products that had never been offered to the general consumer, but it was really perfect for the general consumer," Jenson said. "We saw real opportunity there. There's no reason the average person shouldn't have access to it, and as long as we give them good instructions on how to put it on, there's no reason why they can't apply it successfully." The Facebook page for the product is generally a three-subject site — information provided by those who have used it, questions from those who are curious and instruction from those who show the masses how to apply it correctly. It's a free-flowing stream dialogue, including joy over pain-free activity that runs the gamut of ailments: "Thank you for getting me through 26.2 miles running the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll marathon! Works great on plantar fasciitis!" or, "Just applied some kt tape to a recently dislocated finger. Feels great. Really helps with the pain and is helping with my range of motion."  The tape is 100 percent cotton woven in a way that allows it to stretch in length, but not width, the idea being to provide support without sacrificing motion... To read the entire article and more from the Denver Post, click here.