Kerri Loves The New Colors

At the Boston Marathon, the biggest running event of the year, we unveiled the new KT Tape colors, "Monstah Green" and "Sox Red." The KT Tape Team was at the KT Tape booth at the John Hancock Sports and Fitness Expo to offer free taping demonstrations and advice to athletes.  Folks were pretty excited to see that in addition to blue, pink, black and beige, KT Tape has added green and red tape to its line-up. The new colors are now also on display at national Sports Authority stores with a brand new free-standing display that holds nearly 100 rolls of KT Tape.  The in-store “aid station,” has step-by-step instructions displayed for easy reading to help customers and store associates identify how to tape for common injuries. We're getting great feedback on the new colors, not only from marathon runners and Sports Authority shoppers, but also from our professional athletes.  Here's what KT Tape Golden Girl Kerri Walsh had to say about the new colors. "I think the colors look great!  The more colors and the brighter the color the better as far as I'm concerned.  I love them!" --Kerri Walsh, Pro Volleyball Player

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