Happy Holidays KT Tape From Kerri Walsh

KT Tape helps athletes of all calibers perform their best by helping to support and treat injuries and pains and we love hearing back from those athletes.  We received this Seasons Greetings shout out from KT Tape sponsored athlete Kerri Walsh and wanted to pass it on. Happy Holidays!!!! I love this time of year!! I just finished watching my all time favorite movies “It’s a Wonderful Life” and not it really feels like Christmas!!  As I was watching the movie, I started packing for my trip to the gym tomorrow.  As I was double checking my pack job, I became overcome with gratitude because of what I saw. The items in my bag were not just some of the “essentials” in my life as an athlete, but they also clearly reflect the people who have helped to make my life so “wonderful” and blessed.  My sponsors allow me to chase my dreams.   They allow me to train and compete at my highest capacity.  They inspire and motivate me to work harder and be better, because they do just that – always strive to be better by working harder than their competition. During the holiday season, I want to send out a heartfelt “thank you” to KT Tape for supporting my dreams and keeping those dreams golden.  Also a huge THANK YOU for taking my aches and pains away.  Keep up the great work!! Merry Christmas to all! Thank you Kerri for choosing KT Tape as your choice of athletic sports tape!  We feel like the blessed ones for getting to sponsor such an outstanding athlete and role model!  We love being there with you every step of the way whether it’s helping with shoulder pain during the Bejing Olympics, to back relief during your pregnancies, to this and that aches and pains like knee pain while training, it’s been a blast!

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