Keeping Up With Kerri

Two time Olympic Gold medalist Kerri Walsh knows how to train. So when she is injured she reaches for the KT Tape.  She knows there is no better way to get full support while maintaining mobility than with KT Tape brand kinesiology therapeutic tape.  Kerri is most known for using KT Tape for her rotator cuff injury as seen in the 2008 Olympics, but she has been using it in other ways lately.  Kerri writes us:   "Recently I have been suffering from a foot and knee injury.  With any sort of injury the best thing to do is rest and let it heal.  As an athlete, that is not always an option.    My trainer and I have been taping my foot to help the pain so I can work out.  Thankfully taping my foot has been helping with my knee injury also.  With the injury I have had to get creative with my workouts.  I've been using the arm bike, walking on the treadmill and some circuit lifting.  Without KT Tape training  with my injury would NOT be possible.  It is #1 on my list of things I need when training, especially when I am injured."
Thanks Kerri, we are proud to be the only kinesiology therapeutic tape you trust to help with your injuries.  We can't wait to see you in the new year!

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KT Tape Pro Oxygen box with tape roll
KT Tape Pro Oxygen™
With Celliant® infrared technology
to increase cellular oxygenation
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KT Tape Pro®
Ultra-Breathable Synthetic Fabric
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High strength water-resistant adhesive
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KT Tape Original Cotton
Original cotton breathable fabric