Kerri Walsh is One Busy Mama

KT Tape sponsored athlete Kerri Walsh is adding another job to her already busy schedule.  The two-time gold medal Olympian has become People Magazine's newest online contributor for its Celebrity Baby Blog.  Kerri is sharing her experiences of juggling family life with getting back into the Professional Volleyball circuit.  From her latest entry she writes: The first couple of months of being a mom to two little boys have been more difficult than I imagined – but also more fun and more hilarious than I thought possible.  My boys are absolutely amazing:  They’re full of love, life, laughter and smiles.  And they are WORK! I am so in love with my family.  My husband and I have gotten a pretty great system down so that we can both get our work done, but also spend time throughout the day hanging out with the boys. For my part, I’ve been a head-case more than once while driving to work and, unfortunately, while working.  I’m not sure if it’s my hormones, the sleep deprivation or the newness of the juggling act, but I’ve never felt more overwhelmed the last few weeks than I ever have at any Olympic Games I’ve participated in.  It’s just nutty sometimes! That being said, I feel so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy baby boys, an amazing husband who is truly a wonderful father, and a job that I love. Come to think about it, maybe the overload of every emotion possible has something to do with the fact that I’m nowhere near ready to get back to competing and wearing my uniform (Oakley bikinis!) even though I’m due to get back to it in a few short weeks.  It makes my tummy hurt just thinking about it. I truly had no idea how vain I was until I got pregnant… I feel silly writing that but it’s the truth.  Perhaps the one good thing about my vanity is that it’s motivating! I’m quite literally working my butt off and if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll tell you a little secret of mine.  After nearly every single workout, I walk my way into my bathroom, make a hesitant but hopeful little turn and check out my buns.  Every day I’m a little closer to walking out with a smile.  Perhaps the, order will be restored to my psyche. Take care everyone, -Kerri Walsh To follow Kerri’s adventures in motherhood click here.