Kerri Walsh Returns to AVP Tour

KT Tape Athlete and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh recently wrote to us about how KT Tape has been helping in her return to the AVP Tour after the birth of her second son, Sundance.  Specifically, she's using KT Tape for foot pain, ankle pain and support. From Kerri Walsh--"More than ever KT Tape has become a part of my routine.  I am trying to get back into competing right now, so if anything is feeling off or not moving properly, I apply KT Tape.  My feet changed a lot since being pregnant.  So my trainer has been taping up my foot and ankle.  The tape has helped give me more support when I walk, so my body does not have to compensate for the aches and pains I have."   We’re excited to see you hittin’ the sand again Kerri, good luck! For more about the AVP Tour and ticket information visit there website.