Kerri's KT Tape: In Her Own Words

I began using tape for my shoulder after my second surgery following my sophomore season at Stanford University. Basically, my surgically repaired shoulder needed some extra support throughout my rehabilitation process. I used the tape somewhat infrequently for the remainder of my collegiate career simply because it was difficult to find someone whom to apply it effectively. Then came my 3rd shoulder surgery in the winter of 2007 and I found my way back to kinesio tape. The tape played an important role in my rehabilitation and recovery efforts leading up to the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. While in China, my physio, Periklis (I'm not going to even begin an attempt to spell his last name!), my brilliant Greek PT, taped me up prior to every match and helped to ensure the health and stability of my shoulder. So many Olympic athletes use tape to support their bodies, so I'm not so sure why my usage of it caused such a "buzz" might have had something to do with my uniform--who knows?! Anyhow, I'm so glad that buzz was created because immediately following the Olympics, KT Tape and I formed a partnership of which I am so proud. Making the switch to KT Tape was a no brainer for me. The quality and reliability of KT Tape are the main reasons why I now use and endorse KT Tape exclusively; it enhances and reinforces all the hard work I put in to maintain the strength and health of my body. I don't have any time or energy to waste on an ineffective product--with KT Tape I've never had to worry. Quality, convenience, peace of mind, technical support and their commitment to excellence is why I chose KT Tape over all other brands and why I trust it more than any other. Give it a try, you'll love it too!