New Year, New Marathon Training

Every year, January is the time for many folks to kick-start their workout routine.  For marathon runners, the winter months mean time to begin training for their summer 26.2-mile races.  For most folks, it takes 4-6 months to properly train for their first marathon. That means it's time to get started!  But where to start?  Today, the internet offers a good portion of the training advice you might need, with a plethora of training schedules available at your fingertips. Here are a few training schedules from At KT Tape, we wish you the most effective and safe training so that we can see you this year on the marathon circuit! First time marathoners often fall prey to some key mistakes in their training, including: Inconsistency - Consistent training is a major key to improving your running. It's important not to miss several days in a row of running and jumping back into a strenuous training program. Building Mileage too Rapidly - Always stick to the 10 percent rule that states not to increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent. Not following the Hard-Easy-Hard training pattern - Hard workouts should always be followed by an easy day. Hard workouts include long runs, races, speed work, hill repeats and any other stressful workout. Not Listening to Your Body - While it's very important to be as consistent as possible regarding your training schedule, it's vital to listen to what your body it telling you.