KT Tape Gold Medal Bundle

$43.98 $54.98

  • KT Tape Pro® USA is made of durable 100% Synthetic fibers that stays on in water, is highly breathable, and comfortable to wear for up to 7 days. Support Team USA!
  • KT Recovery+® Wave provides 250 hours of sensation-free electromagnetic pulses that are safe and effective for relief of chronic musculoskeletal pain.
  • Limited edition multi-use headband that can be used as a headband or face covering.

Color: Jet Black

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To aid in the effort of developing world-class athletes, we are offering deals by bundling our KT Tape Pro USA tape with different recovery products to keep you performing at your best, like the athletes competing in Tokyo for the podium!

With countless video resources to refer to, KT Tape PRO can be applied for drug-free pain relief and support in muscles, tendons, and ligaments throughout the body.

KT Recovery+ Wave is a lightweight, wearable device that produces sensation-free electromagnetic waves – modulating nerve activity to provide pain relief in tissues and joints for 250 hours.

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