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Monthly Archives: June 2010

  1. FINA Women's World League Super Final

    81972498MW031_Olympics_Day_Help show some support for the number one-ranked USA Women's Water Polo team and KT Tape athletes as they face off with other countries at the FINA World League Super Final taking place at La Jolla, CA.  You can even watch the matches live via web cast.  Click here for the complete schedule and link to the live web casts.

    Being top ranked isn't easy, and KT Tape is right there with the assist.  The USA Water Polo Teams rely on KT Tape to enhance their performance before, during, and after matches. Because KT Tape is waterproof and has a stronger adhesive than other brands, USAWP Teams can trust KT Tape to stay in place even during the toughest competitions. Water polo players use KT Tape particularly often in the shoulder area.

    Good luck ladies, we'll be watching!

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  2. Taping for Knee Pain

    askanExpertIconAt KT Tape we make it a priority to ensure that everyone knows how to tape for their injury, no matter how general or specific it is. That's why we're always posting new instructions and video how-tos. However, one of the most common injuries our customers are taping remains General Knee pain. If you're experiencing pain in your knees after a run or just walking up stairs, check out these instructions.

    From the KT Tape website -- "KT Tape has been helpful for general knee pain, regardless of its source, through its ability to provide support without limiting mobility. KT Tape queues large muscle groups like the quadriceps to do their job in supporting knee movement. By creating surface tension on the skin over the area needing support, KT Tape creates a light, comfortable support structure that relieves pain and restores mobility."

    Step 1 With the knee bent at 90 degrees, anchor the "Y" strip below knee and apply the arms of the "Y" strip on either side of the knee. Only apply stretch to the tape on either side of the knee.

    Step 2 Apply a second "Y" strip by anchoring the tape above the knee and attaching the tape on the side of the knee. Only apply stretch to the tape on the side of the knee. Any points of  pain on the sides of the knee should be covered by tape.

    Step 3 Be sure to anchor the ends of both strips on skin as the tape will not stick well to itself.

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  3. Testimonial Round-Up

    KT-TAPE-logosquareMeeting with thousands of KT Tape fans from across the country at various marathons, triathlons and events it is easy to listen to peoples' stories of how KT Tape help change their lives. It's one perk of being a part of the KT Tape team-- hearing how our product improves peoples' lives on a daily basis. It really does feel like "Miracle Tape" at times!

    We are now making a special call-out to our Facebook fans for personal success stories and testimonials on particular injuries. This "KT Tape Promotion: Tell us your Success Story!" has some added perks too if you participate. We need testimonials from KT Tape users with the particular injuries listed below. Post your story on our wall between 6/21/10 and 6/28/10, and EMAIL your post to PROMO@KTTAPE.COM. In return, we'll email you back with a discount code for 2 rolls of KT Tape for $20!

    If you have any of the following injuries and a success story using KT Tape, please let us know!

    -AC Joint Sprain
    -General Elbow Pain
    -Pain at Top of Foot
    -Foot Pad Pain
    -Peroneal Tendonitis
    -Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
    -Heel Pain
    -Jumper's Knee
    -Lateral/Medial Knee Pain
    -Groin Strain
    -Hip Flexor
    -Gluteus Pain
    -Rib Pain
    -Middle Back Pain

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  4. Loves KT Tape

    kneeWith the summer racing season in full gear, we're pretty busy keeping runners and cyclists taped up for their events. Of course it's always nice to hear from the hardcore competitors who use KT Tape at their events.  This weekend, posted its review of KT Tape. Check out what their testers had to say:

    VeloGuy: "I have knee problems that seem to flair when I spend a lot of time on my bike climbing. I tried the KT Tape on one of my 5+ hour climbing rides and was amazed at the complete disappearance for all pain. I am impressed."

    Allyson: "KT Tape is nothing short of amazing. My Plantar Fasciitis has been a royal pain for last few years. I had an Olympic triathlon only two week aways and I was barely able to walk, let alone run. I used the KT Tape and in two days the pain had been reduced enough to get back to my training. I did the Triathlon and set nto only a running PR, but a distance PR. Thanks KT Tape." awarded KT Tape 4 out of 5 chain rings!

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  5. KT Tape Launches Education Programs

    Logo_thumbnailThis weekend at the National Athletic Trainers Association Annual Symposium, KT Tape will launch its new on-site and online education programs.

    The KT Tape PRO EDU Program has partnered with California Education Connection (CEC), one of the leading education firms serving Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractic Physicians and other healthcare professionals.  Live, two-day workshops across the country are available to help professionals learn how to use KT Tape as a comprehensive modality for helping patients improve function, reduce pain, and recover faster. CEC/KT Tape instruction focuses on clinical and therapeutic strategies.  For more information on specific classes, qualifications to attend, schedules, and CEUs, see

    KT Tape and Sport Medics, an online education company focused on sports medicine professionals, offer an online continuing education course called Kinesiology Taping Fundamental Applications, designed and instructed by KT Tape clinician Dr.Ted Forcum, DC, DACBSP, FICC, CSCS, ’08 Olympic Sports Medicine Team Member. The course covers the basic philosophy and techniques of kinesiology taping and instructs students how to implement 19 basic therapeutic applications. Through this multimedia course, students can learn the basics of using Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape as well as practical applications.

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  6. KT Tape in Seattle this Weekend

    2009SeattleRockRollMarathonMaking stops at almost every major running event across the country, the KT Tape team will be in beautiful Seattle, WA this weekend for the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.  Our booth will be at the Seattle Marathon Health and Fitness Expo Thursday June 24th from 11 am to 7 pm and Friday June 25th from 10 am to 7 pm at the Qwest Event Center on Occidental Ave. Come a day or two before the race to meet us and some local clinicians. We will be offering free taping demonstrations and advice to the athletes.  We will be able to answer questions, demo a variety of taping methods and introduce Seattle runners this revolutionary answer to pain relief and performance enhancement.

    Because KT Tape can be worn for up to five days per application, marathon runners can show up early to get taped up for the race!

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  7. KT Tape Heads to NATA Symposia

    kneeWinner of the 2009 NATA “Best in Show” award for consumer health care product, KT Tape is returning this year to the 2010 NATA Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia this week.  At the meeting,  KT Tape, will launch its new Kinesiology Therapeutic Taping Education programs. The KT Tape team will be attending the NATA Expo this week to introduce its premier onsite and online training programs and demonstrate the latest in KT Tape applications and developments for  professionals serving the athletic training community.  Lumos Inc. will also be unveiling seven new KT Tape team colors, available for athletic trainers to supply their professional, collegiate, and even high school teams.

    At NATA, the KT Tape team will offer the Professional Education starter kit special in coordination with the launch of KT Tape PRO EDU. The kit will include two rolls of KT Tape Classic Uncut and two rolls of KT Tape Precut Strips for only $39.00.

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  8. Kerri Walsh Plans Post-Pregnancy Comeback

    _44053499_volleyballTwo-time Olympian, two-time new mom and KT Tape athlete, Kerri Walsh, is planning an AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals)  return this August. This all-star athlete is a busy mom with a demanding schedule. While training and gearing up for her predicted August return, Walsh will be broadcasting for the AVP on ESPN and ABC.

    The AVP schedule is packed for the summer, so we'll all get our Walsh fix while seeing her commentating on the court action. (Get the official TV schedule here.) Kerri continues to use KT Tape to stabilize her shoulder after three career shoulder surgeries and to relieve back pain during her pregnancy.

    We are super excited to see Kerri back in action and commentating on TV this season.  Good luck from the KT Tape team, Kerri!  We're looking forward to seeing you back on the sand this summer.

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  9. Yogaslackers Featured on Wend Cover

    ys-2The Yogaslackers are anything but "slackers." As some of our favorite KT Tape fans, these adventure junkies have proclaimed their love for KT Tape and in return keep giving us entertaining and inspiring stories of their adventures in travel, competition and awareness. This past February the Yogaslackers competed in the grueling Wenger Patagonia Expedition--a race and true test-of-an-expedition taking teams of four through wildlands of southern Patagonia. Racers receive minimal support as they trek, climb, kayak, mountain bike and navigate the backcountry for hundreds of miles. Team Yogaslackers got 4th--an amazing feat!

    In a riveting cover story in this month's issue of Wend Magazine, Chelsey Gribbon recounts the brutal race.  (To get the free digital issue of the magazine, sign up through Wend here.)  Gribbon recounts the physical and mental struggles she and the team dealt with over the strenuous seven-day race.  It is Cheley's first published piece, and it is great read.  It's an inspirational and touching story of teamwork, struggle and accomplishment. There are two things they love, KT Tape and Kenmore refrigerator shelves.

    When not pushing their bodies to the limit, the crew spends time perfecting their acroyoga--the blend of spiritual wisdom of yoga, massage and dynamics of acrobatics.  The picture above is of three Yogaslackers  perfecting an acroyoga move with the support of  colorful KT Tape. The slackers use KT Tape before, during and after acroyoga, adventure racing and endurance expeditions.  We always look forward to updates from the impressive Yogaslackers, and we wish them the best of luck in upcoming events.

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  10. Rebecca Rusch Takes 4th at Ashland Mountain Challenge

    CIMG2009Just one week after competing in the multi-stage Trans-Sylvania Epic, KT Tape Athlete and 24-Hour World Mountain Bike Champ Rebecca Rusch competed in the Ashland Mountain Challenge last weekend. She took 4th in the Super D 12-mile race down Mt. Ashland -- one of the longest Super D races in the country. Kelli Emmett took first in the women's field, followed by Lizzy English, Lea Julson and Reba.

    Check out what had to say about the Ashland Mountain Challenge,

    The Mt. Ashland course has long been a favorite of racers, drawing competitors from as far away as British Columbia, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. The route follows fast fireroads and swooping singletrack down Mt. Ashland and finishes in the city of Ashland, in southern Oregon. In total it drops 4,000 vertical feet over its length, but the rolling terrain, including one stiff climb early on, add 600 feet of climbing along the way. It definitely rewards those with big lungs over riders with pure descending skills, though it requires a healthy dose of both.

    Local Nathan Riddle turned his homefield advantage into a fifth-place finish. Photo by Adrian Marcoux. The trails were in near-perfect shape on race day, still moist from the late-season snow which had covered the top of the course only days earlier. Finishing times were slightly longer than last year only because a deviation at the end of the course added about a minute of rolling terrain to race this year.

    Next year, the course might be even better. Organizers hope to replace a long stretch of fireroad in the middle of the course with several miles of tight, rolling singletrack. For more information, and complete results, visit

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