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Monthly Archives: August 2010

  1. Customize Your Running Shoes With These Tricks

    Running Shoe TricksKT Tape can help with that bad case of runner’s knee, biting shin splints and all sorts of other running related aches, pains and injuries.  But what do you do about those pesky shoe fit problems?  Buy new shoes?  Well, you may not have to. The solution may simply be in the lacing.  See the article we found from Runner’s World by Susan Rinkunas, to help customize your running shoes by switching up the lacing.

    From Susan Rinkunas, Runner's World--You went to a running specialty store, tested out several models, and bought a pair that felt great. So why are your new running shoes rubbing you the wrong way? Even if you are fitted with a pair that suits your arch type and weekly mileage, your feet may have characteristics that make the seemingly perfect shoe less than comfortable over the long haul. Luckily, the solution could be as easy as relacing your shoes, says Richard Bouché, D.P.M., of the Sports Medicine Clinic in Seattle, who provided the techniques below. "Before you get a new shoe, try adjusting the lacing to enhance the fit," Bouché says. "It's a small change that can make a big difference."


    Solution: Eliminate pressure on a "hot spot" by lacing around it, not directly over it.

    Technique:  Place a lipstick smear on your hot spot. Slide your bare foot into your shoe and take it out. The mark on the underside of the tongue tells you which set(s) of eyelets to skip. Lace your shoe until you reach the eyelet before the spot. Take the lace back under and pull it up through the next eyelet on the same side. Take the lace across and continue to lace. Repeat this on the other side. You'll have an empty spot on the tongue where no laces cross it, which should eliminate your pressure point.


    Solution: Lift the upper material above your big toe up and off it.

    Technique: Thread one end of the lace through the eyelet next to your big toe. Pull the end of that lace up to the last eyelet on the opposite side, bringing the lace through to the outside. Leave just enough slack at the top to tie a bow. Take the remaining portion of the lace straight across toward the outside of the shoe and then diagonally up toward the inside of the shoe. Repeat until all of the eyelets are laced. When you tug on the outside lace, it will pull the material above your big toe up and off your nail.


    Solution: Use parallel lacing to secure your foot without putting pressure on the top.

    Technique:  Lace the first two eyelets on the big-toe side of the tongue (not the first eyelet on either side of the tongue like you normally would). Bring the lace from the first eyelet straight across to the first eyelet on the other side of the tongue and push it through. Pull it straight up the side, skipping one eyelet, and thread it through the third eyelet. Pull it straight across the tongue, and push it through the third eyelet on the opposite side. Repeat until all eyelets are laced and tied.


    Solution: Reduce forefoot constriction by using four shoelaces instead of two.

    Technique:  Remove the laces and measure them. Buy two sets (four laces) half that length. On both shoes, use one lace for the bottom three eyelets and a second lace for the upper three eyelets. The end result will be two bows on each shoe, allowing you to tie the bottom laces looser to accommodate your wider forefoot.


    Solution: Create a more secure fit around the ankle without tightening the entire shoe.

    Technique: Lace as normal until one eyelet remains on each side. Draw the lace straight up on the outside of the shoe and bring it through the last eyelet. This will create a loop. Repeat on the other side. Cross each lace over the tongue, thread it through the opposite loop, and tie. The loops help to cinch in the material around your ankle to prevent your heel from slipping without making the rest of your shoe any tighter.

    For the full article complete with instructional videos click here.

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  2. KT Tape announces ‘KT Racing’ Cycling kits

    kttapejerseyThe  KT Tape brand managers recently took to Facebook to get feedback from fans for the design of a KT Tape cycling kit that is in the works.  While all six of the presented designs looked great, this was the clear winner.

    Stay tuned for more information on when and whre the jersey will be available.   The jersey idea came after much urging from KT Tape fans who wanted to sport the logo in a bigger way.  Many KT Tape users are so proud of what they've been able to accomplish after finding the drug-free pain solution, they asked us if we would put our logo on something they could wear in races to show that they are part of the big KT Tape family of multi-level athletes.  Thanks, fans, for the great idea--and we'll keep you posted on the jersey.  Rumor has it, managers here have heard your requests for a running top as well!

    Click here to become a fan of KT Tape on Facebook.

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  3. KT Tape Offers World's Largest Online Taping Collection

    glutetapeLumos Inc., category leader in motion-based sports medicine products and makers of KT Tape™, now offers the world's largest, most current, interactive and easy-to-use online collection of kinesiology taping information on KT In July 2010, the website doubled its offering of free step-by-step instructional videos. now features 45 video instructionsto properly tape every muscle, joint or tendon.

    For athletes of all types, from elite pros to weekend joggers, proper application is the key to getting the most benefit from KT Tape. KT Tape's easily accessible bank of proper-step-by-step instructions empowers all athletes and consumers to truly reap the benefits of low cost pain relief as well as faster injury recovery and rehab, just like the pros.

    KT Tape is the first brand in the industry to offer such extensive resources to everyone for free- including those using other brands of tape.  The offering includes a library of printable pdfs, package instructions for basic tapings, mobile website apps, and a detailed YouTube and video library of taping instructions.

    The most viewed videos on YouTube for kinesiology tape application are the KT Tape videos. With the newest release of videos bringing the total applications to 45, KT Tape has already doubled the application videos it offered less than a month ago and will continue to roll out five  new video applications per month for specific injuries, outpacing every other brand in application instruction.

    New applications are released in response to direct requests from KT Tape consumers on Twitter, Facebook, and email, and include applications from Neck Pain to Calf Strain, Carpal Tunnel to Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff Pain to Plantar Fasciitis pain, and Finger Jam to IT Band Syndrome. Applications for common injuries that plague particular sports have been produced already, with a slew of new customer requested videos in the queue.  The “Ask An Expert” feature on offers free 24/7 expert taping support and timely advice.

    “We at KT Tape are committed to providing athletes with a superior product, at a reasonable price, with accessible support networks,” says KT Tape Vice President Jim Jenson. “KT Tape is more than just kinesiology tape, it’s a community of resources that empowers athletes without prior taping experience to do the things they love without being sidelined or suffering from pain

    To ensure that all of these instructions are available to a broader audience, KT Tape launched a new mobile-friendly website and free KT Tape app for smartphone/iPhone on which customers can watch taping application videos and locate the store nearest them. This mobile site is the first of its kind and offers athletes who experience an injury on the field access to application instruction on their mobile devices.

    If athletes are looking for more of a hands-on experience, KT Tape also provides in-person demonstrations and training at hundreds of sporting events and retailers nationwide. 

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  4. US Cycling Report Loves KT Tape

    RR_KT Tape.JPGWhen US Cycling Report reviewer Betsy Baker went about doing a review on KT Tape, she was hoping for a product that was easy to use, breathable and most importantly worked; and that’s exactly what she got.  See what Betsy had to say about KT Tape in her review below.

    From Betsy Baker, US Cycling Report--I am a 53 year old battered athlete. I have bad knees, a bum shoulder and tendonitis in my elbow just to list a few ailments that come from a lifetime of living pedal to the metal. I have had multiple surgeries and depend on braces in all shapes and styles to assist me in one form or another to be relatively supported and pain free. I have taped injuries and looked at the fancy tapes used by professional athletes with longing. Finally I had the opportunity to try this method by using KT Tape™.

    KT Tape™, created by Lumos, Inc., is used by many different professional athletes, Kerri Walsh (2x Olympic Gold Medalist in Volleyball), Rebecca Rusch (3x 24 Hour World Mountain Bike Champion and Winner of the 2010 Leadville Trail 100) and the US Water Polo team to mention just a few. KT Tape™ is used by athletes in virtually all sports to enhance athletic performance by preventing and treating common sports injuries.  It enables athletes to perform their best by providing pain relief and support to sore muscles or injuries without restricting motion.  A great thing about the tape is that it is the only treatment modality that provides pain relief and support before, during, and after activity without using medications or chemicals.   KT Tape™ is packaged in easy-to-use, pre-cut strips with instructions for most common applications.

    As for me? I wanted a tape that would “breathe” and move with me as I either rode my bicycle or hacked my show jumpers (horses). I sweat freely here when the temperatures reach the mid 110-115° for most of the summer. I was not happy with the various neoprene braces that I have tried as they caused me to sweat, didn’t breathe and frankly, got a bit odiferous in between washings. It was no fun. I tried generic athletic tape but found that it not only was uncomfortable but was only good for one session. Enter KT Tape™.

    This tape is easy to apply in almost in location except (for me) the shoulder area. Unless you have someone that is available to help you, the shoulder is the toughest part. The website of the tape provides you with easy to follow instructions on how to apply the tape for best results but there are just some things that require two people to achieve. The shoulder was one of these. When my husband helped me, it was actually quite effective and that is saying something as I have had two rotator cuff surgeries in an 18 month period so my shoulder is pretty worn out. KT Tape™ made it more bearable. It stood up to sweat, didn’t peal up from the skin and yet was easy to remove. I loved it. My husband used it on his recent 1000k bicycle brevet to help him alleviate his knee discomfort. He was extremely pleased with the performance of the tape and its ability to stay in place over the three days of the ride.

    I would highly recommend this tape to any athlete who is looking for an alternative to those neoprene braces you find in the drugstores. It has been beneficial to my knee pain, my tendonitis in my arm and effective with my shoulder. Despite excessive sweating during physical exertion and in the pool, the tape stayed in place and performed beyond my expectations.

    The world class athletes who are using KT Tape™ are not kidding around when they choose their products to help improve their performance nor should you. The tape was easy to find, I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods where I found plenty of choices in reasonable price range. When I was looking on their website, it was quite easy to find locations to purchase the product. Their website if full of useful information and helpful tips from their professionals and the athletes who use the tape. It is easy to navigate and especially useful in teaching you how to apply the tape for assorted areas of the body. If you are looking for a reliable sports tape, US Cycling Report is pleased to recommend you give KT Tape™ a try. It is outstanding!

    Thanks for the great review Betsy!

    For more cycling news, reports, reviews and articles go to U.S Cycling Report’s website here.

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  5. USA Women's Water Polo Team Strikes Gold

    usa-ausThis past weekend the KT Tape sponsored USA Women’s National Water Polo Team won Gold at the FINA World Cup held in Christchurch, New Zealand.  They beat out Australia 6-3 for the title.  This is the first time since 1979 that the USA Women have won Gold at the FINA World Cup.  Details from the match from the USA Water Polo website press release:

    Team USA came out on fire to start the match scoring at the 6:39 mark when Elsie Windes (Portland, OR/Tulatin Hills) hit for a goal and a 1-0 lead. Less than 30 seconds later Kelly Rulon (Point Loma, CA/NYAC) came through for Team USA with a score and a 2-0 lead. Fast forward to just two seconds remaining in the period and Rulon drew a five meter penalty which was converted by Lolo Silver (Long Beach, CA/NYAC) for a 3-0 lead after one quarter. ??

    The second quarter was more of the same when Courtney Mathewson (Anaheim Hills, CA/NYAC) got the scoring started on a power play less than a minute into the period for a 4-0 lead. At the 3:46 mark Team USA added more when Annika Dries (Laguna Beach, CA/SET) took a sweet dish from Windes for a score right in front and a 5-0 lead. While the USA defense remained up to the task the USA offense kept working when Silver drew a five meter penalty at the :58 mark in the period. Maggie Steffens (Danville, CA/Diablo) converted and the lead was 6-0 at halftime.??

    Australia looked to rally in the second half when the Aussies scored back to back goals in the first 90 seconds of the period to draw within 6-2. Australia was going for more at the 6:07 mark when they had a penalty shot blocked by Betsey Armstrong (Ann Arbor, MI/NYAC). Armstrong finished with 11 saves on the day including several crucial blocks in the second half.??

    It was 6-2 to start the final quarter and the United States killed off another Australia power play at the 6:28 mark to remain up four. The Aussies would convert just 1/9 power plays while the United States was 2/7. The green and gold did break through with a score in front of the cage at the 4:37 mark for a 6-3 game. While the USA wouldn’t muster anymore scores their defense remained stellar in helping to preserve the lead.??

    The United States thwarted a power play try for Australia at the 2:30 mark and then after Steffens was excluded it was Armstrong making a big stop right in front of the cage at the 1:37 mark. From there the United States just worked the clock and when time expired the United States had another championship.??

    Since winning Silver at the 2008 Olympics the USA Women’s National Team has won all the major championships in their path including two FINA World League Super Finals, a FINA World Championship, and now a FINA World Cup. The last FINA World Cup title came in 1979 in Merced, California. USA's Kami Craig (Santa Barbara, CA/Santa Barbara) was named to the All-Tournament Team.

    Congratulations to Team USA for another great victory!

    For more on USA Water Polo visit their website here.

    Photo by Russell McKinnon

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  6. KT Tape for Your Mobile Device

    mobileWith the advent of constantly improving mobile tech devices, it’s hard not to want everything right at your fingertips. Luckily, KT Tape is happy to oblige. The KT Tape mobile web page is perfect for all your KT Tape needs when on the go.

    The KT Tape mobile site is the perfect solution for if you are out and about and don’t have access to a computer to look up taping application instructions.  The full list of taping application instructions is listed, just pick and choose.  You can also look up where the closest KT Tape retailer is located while you are out shopping and in the need to stock up with the store locator. Events and tips pages are also located on the site.  And with links to the KT Tape Twitter and Facebook, you can be sure to always stay on top with all things KT Tape.

    This is not an iPhone app, it is a mobile web page so it is accessible to all smart phones with an internet connection.  The mobile site address is

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  7. Back-to-School Shopping with KT Tape

    assortmentRedGreen4Back to school shopping can be a big ole’ pain in the rear.  (Good thing there’s an app for that) Around this time of year the television is flooded with commercials about how easy your school shopping can be with quick one-stop shopping.  But let’s face it, that never happens.  You will undoubtedly spend a weekend running around town from store to store lugging around an apathetic teenager, who no matter how cool the shirt you pick out, will always disagree.

    If you have an athlete who is returning to school it’s even harder.  You have to get the best shoes and the coolest gear.  One item that should be on every back to school athlete’s list right next to gym shorts and new cleats, is KT Tape.

    KT Tape is something you can all agree on.  It’s available at an array of major sporting retailers like Sports Authority, REI and even Target.  To find a KT Tape retailer just go to the website or mobile site for your cell phone and search your zip code in the Store Locator and you will be directed to the nearest stores in your area.  KT Tape comes in a variety of colors that even the pickiest student will be sure to like.  If online stores are more your style, a list of online retailers is also located on the Store Locator page.

    If only all your back to school shopping could be this easy.

    To find a KT Tape retailer near you click here.

    To learn more about KT Tape and taping instructions visit the website.

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  8. Salomon US Running Team Wants KT Tape!

    salomonrunningThe Salomon US Running Team made a special request recently in preparation for the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run.  Their request?  KT Tape.  The Salomon US Running Team is comprised of top world class endurance runners, so we are thrilled they will be using KT Tape for the upcoming event.

    The Gore-Tex TransRockies Run is based on the success of the Gore-Tex TransAlpine-Run in Europe and TransRockies Mountain Bike race.  The TransRockie Run is a 6-day point to point race comprised of some 200 teams of two from all over the world.  They will run, eat and live together as they cover the 113 mile course.  The course is a mix of singletrack and forest road and has an elevation gain of nearly 25,000, reaching altitudes over 12,500 feet.  The race starts in Buena Vista, California and ends in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

    Running in such extreme conditions and over rough terrain can be hard on the joints, so we are happy our friends at Salomon Running will be well armed with  KT Tape to ease their aches and pains.

    For more on Salomon Running visit their website or Facebook page.

    For more on the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run click here.

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  9. Rebecca Rusch Sets New Course Record at Leadville

    rebaleadvilleKT Tape sponsored athlete, Rebecca Rusch, the 2009 Leadville Trail 100 Women’s Champ and three-time 24 Hour Solo Mountain Biking World Champion, has done it again.  This weekend Rebecca not only defended her 2009 Leadville Trail 100 title, but smashed the course record set in 1997.  She beat her 2009 time by nearly 30 minutes and broke the course record by 11 minutes, to finish the grueling 100-mile race with a time of 7:45:35.  She finished 22 overall in a field of 1022 finishers.  From the press release:

    After a chilly morning start, Rusch says the blue bird skies and temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s were a stark change over last year’s freezing conditions.

    She spent most of the first half of the race trying to shake second place finisher Amanda Carey.  Rusch finally gained a sizeable gap at the Columbine climb.

    “I just said it’s now or never,” said Rusch, “I just knew it had to happen then.  And I just put the screws to her and it worked.”

    Rush battled through leg cramps during the last stretch of the race to cross the finish line 25 minutes before Carey and an hour before the 3rd & 4th place female finishers.

    “Another win at Leadville is huge.  This race is just unreal,” said Rusch, “I’ve been training with this being my main goal all year.  Still, I surprised myself.  I wanted the course record, but I didn’t expect to beat it by 11 minutes.  This was the most painful day I had on a bike, but it was worth it.”

    The Life Time Fitness Leadville Trail 100 is one of the most high-profile mountain bike races in the sport, as well as one of the most punishing, with steep climbs and harrowing descents totaling approximately 14,000 feet in elevation gain.  This year the race had more than 1,500 riders from 48 states and 21 countries.  The race covers 100 miles of peaks and valleys all above 9,000 feet in elevation in Leadville, CO.  It draws some of the top names in the sport, and at least 20,000 spectators.  The race is an out-and-back course; 50 miles to the highest paint on the course, the Columbine Mine Aid Station at 12,600’.  90-percent of the race is on back-country dirt roads, with some short sections of paved road.

    Congratulations to Rebecca on an amazing accomplishment.

    For more on Rebecca Rusch visit her website.

    Photo by Dave McElwaine

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  10. Got a Pain in the Butt? Let KT Tape Help

    glutetapeThere is one sports injury that is huge pain in the butt, literally.  When you injure your Glute muscles it can really throw things off.  From your stride to how you sit, if your derriere is out of whack, it can really mess up your game.  It seems as though no matter how you try to stretch it, ice it or rest it, the glutes are just a difficult muscle group to deal with.  There are no braces to offer support, which is actually probably a good thing; can you imagine what that would look like?  And while some topical creams and gels can offer temporary pain relief and stimulate blood flow, they are greasy, messy, smelly and temporary.

    There is one sports injury treatment on the market that can help relieve that pain.  KT Tape helps to relieve pressure from the area by providing support, increase blood flow, and stimulate the proper reactions from muscles to alleviate symptoms.  The easy to apply application allows you to have full mobility like always so you can perform to your best abilities on and off the field.

    Click here to see the KT Tape Gluteus Pain application instructions or for professional KT Tape application click here to find a KT Tape medical professional near you.

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