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Monthly Archives: September 2010

  1. Kerri Walsh: KT Tape is "ridiculously wonderful"

    kerriblacktapeKT Tape athlete and two-time Olympic gold medalist beach vollyball player Kerri Walsh weighs in on how she has maintained a high fitness level throughout her impressive athletic career as well as on the road to her comeback after the birth of her two sons Joey and Sundance.  Read the following article she wrote for the fitness website Fit Sugar.

    I've been an athlete my whole life. I've been so lucky and blessed to have enjoyed a healthy and strong body for most of my days. Aside from a few shoulder surgeries, some busted ankles, a bad back here and there, and two pregnancies, I've managed to maintain a high fitness level and a healthy weight throughout my athletic career. I am truly grateful for this!

    Now that I'm 32 and still fighting my way back into fighting shape (and into my favorite jeans!), I no longer take my health and fitness level for granted — to put it simply, I can't! The comeback trail, thus far, has been riddled with good times and positive strides, but also with newfound aches and pains and knick-knacky injuries. I'm still carrying some extra weight, which is humbling and has taken some of the figurative and literal pep out of my step.

    To see how Kerri's taking care of herself, keep on reading.

    I need to get my mojo back, and here are some things I'm doing daily to make that happen:

    Laying off the sugar: I'm trying to kick the unusually strong sweet tooth I have these days and I'm doing it one choice, one day at a time. Twenty-eight days to create or break a habit?! One day at a time!

    Weight lifting: I've been working really hard on the beach and in the gym cardio wise, but I haven't made lifting weights a priority until now! I love the feeling of gaining muscle and I love that having more muscle mass leads to a higher metabolism and more fat burned... Just what my body and mind needs!

    Sleep: Aside from feeling sluggish and grumpy when I'm tired, my constant sleep deprivation hasn't allowed my body to reap the rewards of all my hard work on the sand and in the gym. I'm trying my best to get as much sleep as possible at night. (Sundance is slowly getting to five hours straight at night!) And when my nighttime sleep is compromised, I try to make sure to get a lil' nap in. A well-rested body is a healthier, more efficient, more capable one. This could be the hardest thing to accomplish on my to-do list, but it always makes a difference.

    KT tape: I think I've mentioned this ridiculously wonderful product to you before, but I must mention it again because it's literally saving my body! I've had some foot issues and swelling problems with various body parts, and it's been KT tape to the rescue every time. Feet, shoulder, back, knee — you name the body part and it's been aided by the tape.

    Ice, ice, ice: As an athlete, I've learned how to deal with chronic pain. Ever since returning to the beach and returning to my daily aches and pains, I've been reminded of the power of a good ice bag. It doesn't take long. I'll ice for 10-12 minutes, but it ALWAYS does the trick. With some injuries it's better to stay away from ice or to use heat, so make sure to check that out before icing. If icing is called for, DO IT! It's such an easy way to feel better.

    For more on Kerri Walsh visit her website here.

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  2. KT Tape Advisory Board Clinician Taping Up Athletes at San Jose Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

    shinsplintsOrem, UT – Sept. 27, 2010— For the second year in a row, runners at the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon can take advantage of a service at the Health and Fitness Expo offering free Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape (KT Tape) demonstrations and samples. KT Tape is the first-ever consumer brand of kinesiology tape. For years, elite marathoners have used kinesiology therapeutic tape for injury treatment, pain relief and performance, and now all runners can have access to that same level of support.

    Clinicians including KT Tape Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Hal Rosenberg will offer free taping demonstrations and advice.  Dr. Rosenberg provides Sports Medicine for the US Half Marathon as well as a number of triathlons and cycling races around the nation.

    The Rock ‘n’ Roll Jan Jose Half Marathon is Sunday, October 3rd, with the Health and Fitness Expo October 1st 1pm-6pm and October 2nd 9am-5pm.  The Expo, free and open to the public, is at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center located at 150 W. San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA 95113.

    Because KT Tape is waterproof and can be worn for up to five days per application, Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon participants who stop by the KT Tape Booth at the Expo on Friday or Saturday can get taped up for Sunday!

    KT Tape is used by athletes to treat common sports injuries such as runner’s knee, shin splints, IT Band pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and quad or hamstring strain.  It is the only solution that will provide pain relief and support before, during, and after the race—without restricting motion.  At the Expo, the KT Tape team will be available to answer questions, demo product taping methods, and introduce San Jose Rock ‘n’ Rollers to this revolution in pain relief and performance enhancement.

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  3. Show Your Team Pride With KT Tape This Football Season

    footballCollege Football season is in full swing, and we at KT Tape couldn’t be more excited!  We're way into the tailgate barbecues, roaring crowds, nail biting games and of course dressing up in our favorite school colors from head to toe complete with face paint and foam finger.  There is a real sense of school spirit and pride that comes with sporting a matching two-toned sweat suit and commemorative jersey that no one can take away.  The players on the field know they aren’t just playing for themselves or their school, they are playing for an entire community. So we the fans war our team’s colors as a show of loyalty and solidarity.  That’s some powerful stuff.

    But come Monday when the excitement of the big game has fully died down, do we the fans just hide our pride until the next game?  Oh no!  We sport bumper stickers, key chains, embroidered hats, etc.  The players train all week, and so should the fans.  That’s why we at KT Tape are so excited to have a full range of team colors of Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape to keep everyone, fans and players alike, in tip-top shape.  And since we are going to be wearing KT Tape to ease our aches and pains anyway, of course it makes sense to wear our team colors!

    So players--please know that as you do sprints during your 5am workout before your psych midterm, we the fans are right there alongside you on our morning run before our board meetings sporting your team colors.  It’s only fair that while you train we train.

    You can get your team colors from the full range of team colors from a KT Tape professional practitioner or by emailing

    Standard colors available at many retail locations are Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Black, Beige.  Team colors are Yellow, Maroon, Light Blue, Silver, Navy, Orange, Forest Green, Purple and White.  Team colors come in bulk packs of four.

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  4. Testimonial from runner: I Love You

    staceyThe KT Tape team loves getting feedback, testimonials and pictures of KT Tape in action and one of the best ways to do that is through our Facebook page.  One of our favorite posts in recent history comes from an enthusiastic KT Tape fan named Stacey who has a running blog called  From her blog she writes:

    This weekend I had a chat with my friend (whom is a personal trainer and in school working on her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology (in other words: she has credibility!) about my knee injury and how down I was about not being able to run more than 3 miles at a time.  When I was finished complaining she mentioned that she had the same injury and that she used KT Tape on it and Poof!  It was gone!  No pain, no swelling.  She could run again, just like that!

    Ohmygah.  Get me some KT Tape and get it on me NOW!  Right after “work” I went into Sports Authority and fount it in the middle of an aisle.  Oh the colors!  Pinks, greens, blacks, browns, reds, blues… I chose pink, of course.

    Now, I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to “miracle cures” and what-not.  But since my friend is a marathoner (3 time over, I think?), runs avidly and is in school for the stuff, then I chose to give it a try.  Coming from anyone else, I probably wouldn’t have run off and bought it an hour after hearing about it.  I at least had to give it a try.  These 3 mile runs aren’t cutting it for me anymore.  I want to train.  I want to race.  The website provides instructional videos on how to place the KT Tape on your leg (or wherever your injury may be).  I lay on the flour of our office and patched myself up.

    There is a 4 mile route in Cramerton I used to do that is packed with hills, so I thought it would be best to try it out there.  You guys… I felt no pain the entire run.  No comfort issues.  I felt totally normal, like it used to!  There was no knee pain at all!!!!  I was so happy I wanted to cry.  You know what that means: races, look out, because here I come!!!  I’m slowly going to start increasing my speed and endurance, and maybe… just maybe shoot for a marathon in December.  A little crazy?  Yes!  A lot of fun? YES!

    I was so excited about my run that I came home and did ninja moves in our front yard: Hiii-yahhhh!  Take that knee pain!

    Thanks Stacey for your great testimonial and for throwing some wicked ninja moves into the mix!  We are so glad that KT Tape was able to help you.

    To follow Stacey’s blog click here

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  5. The Last Days of Summer with KT Tape

    kt-tape-single-roll-royal-greenSummer is officially over, and some of our biggest KT Tape fans just don't want to see it go.  KT Tape blog contributor Brady Lange laments from Portland, Oregon about how green KT Tape is easing the pain:

    Dear KT Tape:

    Summer has come to an all too early end.  I was hoping to end my summer season with some warm weather that would gently blend into a temperate brisk autumn, but no, that has not been the case.  This last week of summer has been cold, dreary and thwarted by torrential downpours.  I am not pleased.  This poor weather has made my daily runs a soggy affair.  Not that I’m not used to running in the rain (I do live in Portland after all) but I usually don’t have to prep for that until at least November.

    It seems as though Old Man Winter has attacked my precious last few days of summer and that is just not cool with me.  So what do I do?  The only thing I can do is fight back and refuse to let summer wither and die in such a pathetic manner.  I have been using a roll of black KT Tape for my knees this summer but I decided to go to REI and pick up a more summery color. I chose bright green.  I also busted out my classic Wayfarer shades and my shortest running shorts.  Sure I probably looked like a fool running on a cloudy day freezin’ my butt off in the rain with sunglasses, shirtless and with bright green tape slapped on my knees, but who cares?!  It’s about the principle of the matter!  Thanks KT Tape for helping me keep the season alive!  Viva La Summer!

    Thanks Brady, glad we could brighten your day, we hope this fall offers up some sunny

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  6. Take Aim With KT Tape This Hunting Season

    Archery targetWith the bow hunting season already underway in most states, many hunters are adding KT Tape to the list of “must-have” items to help them bag the big one.  Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain are common among bow hunters and KT Tape is here to help.  With applications to help relieve pain and promote healing in these areas, KT Tape is gaining popularity with archers.

    It is also perfect for those long treks through the woods for people with bad knees and joints.  Along with pain relief it also helps stimulate blood circulation in affected areas so it’s great for those achy joints when the weather gets nippy.

    KT Tape is also available in a newly-released camo color so it will blend in with the rest of your gear; perfect for the active sportsman.

    As with any sport, safety is a top priority and KT Tape wants to remind hunters to look out for each other out there and have a safe season.

    The camo KT Tape is being sold directly and in bulk packages of four.  For sales and availability email

    For a complete list of KT Tape application instructions click here.

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  7. Featured KT Tape Application--Foot Pad Pain

    footpadpainKT Tape has a lot of applications, some that are not as familiar as others.  Here is some information on foot pad pain and how KT Tape can help.  A lot of active sports are hard on your feet with a majority of the pressure during performance going to the ball of the foot.  With repeated impact, twisting and hard use, this area of the foot can become so painful that it's hard to continue any sports activities.

    The application for Foot Pad Pain can help promote circulation and speed up healing.  From the Instructions page on our website, our experts write:

    “Pain presenting in the ball of the foot can be caused by a number of different conditions including heel spurs, degradation of the plantar fascia, fat pad contusion, stress fracture, compressed nerves, or inflamed bursas.

    Typical treatment of these conditions includes most importantly rest and ice. Inserts and orthotics, as well as certain stretching exercises, can also provide relief.

    KT Tape can help to promote the healing process by providing support and enhancing blood flow to the area. It’s very hard for anyone to stay off their feet, so often times foot problems take a very long time to heal. Those who have used KT Tape to alleviate the strain they put on their feet and promote healing have seen great results and decreased recovery times. “

    For professional KT Tape application, click here to find a KT Tape medical professional near you.

    For the complete list of KT Tape application instructions click here.

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  8. It's No Bull! KT Tape Rocks

    BeauHillKT Tape gets requests from top athletes on how to tape up before their major sporting events all the time.  Most commonly the questions are from Triathletes, Cyclists and Endurance Runners wanting to know the best application for what ails them.  We love helping these athletes perform their best, but it’s always fun when we get questions from an unexpected athlete.

    This past week we have received several inquiries from Professional Bull Riders who are preparing for the Professional Bull Riders World Finals in Las Vegas.  Bull riding didn't immediately cross our minds when we created KT Tape, but it makes perfect sense.  Bull riding is extremely tough on the body, especially the back and shoulders.  KT Tape can help with back pain whether it’s SI Joint, lower, or middle back pain.  And the with the array of different shoulder applications, there is sure to be one that works for these riders.  We’re also suggesting the Rib Pain and wrist sprain applications for some of the guys.

    We’re always excited when KT Tape charts new territory so we’re thrilled KT Tape will be on some of the riders at this event, good luck boys!

    The PBR World Finals are taking place in Las Vegas October 20-24.  For event information and tickets visit the PBR website here.

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  9. KT Tape Professional Testimonial

    fullkneeOne of KT Tape’s favorite Physical Therapists, Joseph McCaleb shares an awesome testimonial.  Joseph writes:

    So here is how good I think KT TAPE is......

    Patient comes in one week ago today. Day prior he was training, stumbles on a trail. Knees goes anteromedial then anterolateral then finally straight to ground smacking his patellar tendon and anterior tib. Pain 10/10 at occurance. Comes in next day 7/10 pain. On crutches wearing patellar brace. He can stand on it. He can't actively extend his left knee and flexion is 85 degrees and spikes pain. Negative McMurry etc etc etc. So I asked if he'd be willing to try it. He did and above is what I used. He could actively extend to zero. AROM to 125 roughly and could stand from sitting zero pain. He walked out zero pain with crutches in one hand, brace in the other.

    He came back today to be retaped. He said it ached without the tape and his gait somewhat antalgic but no crutches and nit brace. Pain 3/10. Taped him again. Pain zero. He actually started hopping around the clinic lol.

    You guys have an amazing product that has made a believer of me and my patients, fellow clinicians and just a few folks who ask me about it in passing.

    Exceptional work KT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Joseph for such a great testimonial!  Keep up the amazing work; that tape job is beautiful!

    For taping instructions click here

    To find a KT Tape trained Healthcare Professional near you click here.

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  10. KT Tape Continues to Shred

    NicholasDunlop2We recently shared a testimonial from KT Tape user and action sports athlete Nicholas Dunlop, a skateboarder from Venice, California. He’s been tearing it up at the Venice Skate Park and sent us this new photo of him taped up, taken by Julian Bleecker.

    Nicholas has been sharing KT Tape with his fellow skaters  and the response has been awesome.  With common skate injuries like sprained ankles, wrists and jammed fingers, we know KT Tape is right at home within the skateboarding community.  We’re excited KT Tape is helping these athletes stay at the top of their game.  Keep doin' what you do, guys and gals!

    Thanks for sharing the KT Tape love, Nicholas, one strip at a time.  We're proud to be worn by amazing action sports athletes like yourself.

    For more on the Venice Skate Park visit their website.

    Photography by Julian Bleecker

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