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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  1. Game Over: Famous Injuries from the Greek Games. [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Professional athletes train their hardest to qualify for and compete in the Games. This summer will bring the best athletic competitors to London for a shot at the gold, silver, and bronze. But, once the athletes arrive at the Games, everything doesn’t always go according to plan. Major injuries happen while athletes compete on the world stage, and they’re remembered for years afterward. Here are some of the most memorable injuries of the Games.

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  2. Runner crushes 1/2 Marathon time by 13 minutes with KT Tape.

    Race Report by David Graves: When I signed up to run the Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon for 2012, I knew a few things for sure.  I knew the date, I knew it would take lots of sweat equity in training, and I knew that KT PRO Tape would play a major part in reaching this goal.

    One of my mentors would often tell me, “A long term goal without a daily plan is just an idea.”  With a defined road map of running, water training, diet, lifting, stretching and KT Pro Tape I set out with a plan to reach my goal.

    After long runs, the routine included icing my Achilles while still wearing my KT Pro Tape.  The tape would stay on for days at a time.  I have great confidence that KT Tape Pro helps me train smarter and harder.  I was thrilled to watch my times get faster, lift more in the gym, and the confidence I had when I would lace up my shoes knowing that KT Tape was there for me.

    I flew into Chicago on Saturday morning, July 21st and headed straight to the expo.  After picking up my coveted bib and swag, I quickly found the KT Tape booth and waiting in line to be taped.  Joseph McCaleb did a wonderful job.  I lost count of how many people stopped me and asked “Excuse me, what is that on your leg?”  I love being able to share with others how they can train smarter and speed up recovery.

    On Sunday morning, I lined up with 15,000 other participants to rock Chicago.  Temperature was warmer than normal and the event organizers were cautioning runners to hydrate and scale back their goal by 30%.  I am stoked to report I crushed my best Half Marathon time by 13 minutes!

    I love the word on the back of our medals: “finisher!”  Anyone can start a race but it takes dedication and commitment to cross the finish line.  One of the things I most enjoy about KT Tape, it allows me to recover faster from longer runs or strenuous workouts where I push to that next level.

    I don’t train or travel without my KT Pro Tape.  People ask me all the time about it and the response is always the same – KT Pro Tape speeds up my recovery and allows me to train harder and smarter.  You owe that to yourself.  Have a great run wherever you lace them up next!


    David Graves


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