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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  1. KT Tape gives runner confidence to train harder and reach milestones.

    We are happy to share another inspiring guest post by KT Tape fan Taylor Johnson aka "Happy Girl": On July 16, 2012 I set a goal for myself. I would run Disney's Princess Half Marathon in February 2013. But you don't go from an uncoordinated non-workout kind of girl to a runner that easily. I injured my IT Band / patella in December and was in physical therapy for weeks prior to the marathon. My therapist advised against the half-marathon. I was disappointed because I had been training so hard but with my therapist's permission I decided to still fly down to Orlando and run/walk the 5k instead. She told me to take it easy and go slow. I needed to cross a finish line and I did with the help of tape. At the Disney runner's Expo, I picked up my registration materials and bought the t-shirt ("Sorry Prince, Gotta Run!). I also discovered a KT Tape booth where experts were available to tape areas on runners that needed extra support. The line was extraordinarily long so I thought if these fit, experienced runners needed taping, I should do it as well. As I sat on the exam table I explained my knee injury to the KT Tape expert who then quickly taped my knee. As soon as I stood up I could feel the difference. My knee felt supported and the clicking that I felt with each step was gone. He told me the tape could last up to 7 days (regular KT Tape up to 3 days and KT Tape Pro up to 7 days). It felt so good that I bought a roll of pink KT Tape to support my knee for the rest of my two week trip. I was concerned about being able to do it myself but he told me that the videos on the KT Tape YouTube Channel would make me a taping expert. (KT Tape works for all sorts of injuries including knee, ankle, arm, back and shoulders.) During the 5k this tape not only helped my physically I felt confident that the KT Tape supported my knee so well that I could put my all into the 5k and not hold back. The KT Tape stayed on well in water and peeled off easily when I was ready to remove it.

    Before I flew home from Florida I ordered more tape and I have been using almost every day. I did forget to apply it one day and I felt unstable a couple miles from home. I actually thought about calling my husband to come get me because I was worried about the lack of support for my knee. On that run, however, I just walked slowly home and didn't complete my goal. Using KT Tape helps me train harder and gives me the confidence to push myself to reach each milestone. So far, that means 80 pounds gone. I love this product and I also like that it comes in fun colors like Hero Pink and Winner Green (seen above.) This is how easy it is. Click here to see the Full Knee Support Video If you'd like to share your experience as a guest blogger send us an email at thx
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  2. KT Tape Sponsored Surfer takes Bronze at ISA World Masters

    KT Tape made it possible for me to surf in the ISA World Masters of Surfing in Ecuador. Heading into the world contest, I was training several hours a day and I was pushing through back and shoulder injuries. I was actually considering not competing because my back spasms were so painful, I could barely surf. I tried acupuncture and physical therapy (which provided some relief), but the KT Tape was the one thing that pulled me through and made it possible for me to compete. I'm a year-round competitive surfer; training hard and having reliable equipment are the most important things for me (besides God and my faith). I would not have been able to get 6th in the world and help Team USA get the Bronze metal without KT Tape. Thanks KT Tape! Rick Takahashi Team USA
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  3. Guest Blogger: I Never thought I would run again...

    We are happy to share another inspiring guest post by KT Tape fan Kim D. from Lake Stevens, WA:

    My name is Kim, I am a 38 year old mom who started running 3 years ago. KT Tape Success Story

    When I started running, I knew nothing other than what I read online. My 1st half marathon time was 3:50:45. I was just happy to finish. I thought I might be able to do a bit better than that so I signed up for Seattle Rock n Roll in June 2010 finishing in 3:14:23. I was happy.

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  4. Sponsored Athlete Caitlin Carter training to be a Olympic Skeleton Racer

    In September 2012, I traveled to Lake Placid to complete the annual combine and compete in Push Championships (a contest on a dry land track to see who has the fastest start time). I scored 748 out of a possible 800 on the combine, and yes, I was helped out by KT Tape on that occasion because of a hip flexor issue. It has been a nagging issue for the last year, but I have had plenty of KT Tape to use thanks to your contribution! In Push Championships, I placed 3rd, matching my finish from last year.

    In October, I was 1 of 3 rookies invited to participate in US National Team Trials. After 4 races (2 in Lake Placid, NY, and 2 in Park City, UT) I was placed on the North American Cup race circuit. I was given a race in Whistler BC and 2 races in Lake Placid. I placed 9th in Whistler, and 4th and 5th in Lake Placid.

    At the end of the season, the US National Championships were held, and after 2 days of racing, I finished 5th. It was an exciting and productive season, as I got to train and race on two new tracks (Whistler and Park City). I am looking ahead to next season, and hoping I will once again be invited to Team Trials and can improve my standing so I can earn even more races on the North American Cup circuit or perhaps even jump up to the Europa Cup circuit.
    Thanks again for the support of KT Tape! Athletes never want to be injured, but when they are, it's nice to know they have a quick and convenient aid like KT Tape to help alleviate pain and promote healing. I've attached some photos from this past season of sliding. In the awards ceremony photo, I am the 2nd person from the left, and the photo with the Olympic rings was taken in Whistler. Thanks again! Caitlin Carter @_caitlincarter_
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  5. Laura will ride until no child has to know what the word cancer means.

    I am proud to be sponsored by KT Tape. I consider it to be an extension of my body, perhaps family!! I am often mummified in it!

    I started in Triathlon not knowing how addicted I would get to the sport, or the medical issues that I would face. I was always slow, often the last finisher. I was proud of being that ‘fat girl’ that finished triathlons, but it wasn’t enough. I started writing a blog and it turned out to be a great venue for other women just like me, overweight and/or facing just normal life’s issues!

    Six years later and countless (albeit slow) races under my belt including a Half Ironman and an ultra distance Aquabike, I decided it time to step it up with Ironman Florida and my second go at a large fundraising ride; Pan Mass Challenge. The PMC is a 192 mile bike ride across MA to benefit cancer research and care. I raised over $7,000 last time and I hope to do the same this time. I ride in honor of my friend’s courageous four year old who is has been fighting the good fight since she was 18 months old! I will ride and advocate until no children have to even know what the word Cancer means!

    I have unique fundraisers to tackle part of the $4500 minimum contribution! I am holding an ‘everybody wins’ raffle at TriMania, pay $20 for a ticket and win a prize worth at least $20. It is a ton of work, but worth it because 100% of rider donations go directly to care and research and we need to find a cure for cancer.

    In addition to my fitness and fundraising goals, I have become an active advocate for EDS. I have the rare genetic disorder (EDS) “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome” which is a connective tissue disorder and it affects me by subluxing bones and straining muscles all the time. It makes athletics difficult in general, but KT Tape has become my lifeline! I even had an episode where K TTAPE saved my bike! During an aquabike Ultra race, my aerobar pad fell off and I just used a piece of KT TAPE to hold it together!

    I am even known to randomly tape people in pain. A friend had just crossed an Ironman distance Triathlon with excruciating Plantar Fasciitis; I had some in my bag and asked if I could tape his foot. He made a face because I offered to touch is foot after 10 hrs and 140.6 miles of racing! The end result was great though, the next day he had no pain! I love that!

    I don’t know how I lived before KT Tape, it now always has a coveted spot in my bike pocket, or hydration pack, I never know when I might need it!

    Thank you KT Tape!


    Check out my fundraising site.

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