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Groin strain

  1. Day to Day Dangers [INFOGRAPHIC]

    According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, popular sporting activities for nearly all ages rack up an impressive number of treated injuries and hospitalizations throughout the year.

    We examine national injury estimates from a CPSC survey of more than 90 hospitals to find out which sports are the most dangerous.

    Click the image for a full size version.

    KT Tape Day To Day Dangers

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  2. Young Bloods: The Truth about High School Sports [INFOGRAPHIC]

    High school athletes have always debated which sport is the toughest and most dangerous. The bigger issue, however is safety. As more and more athletes are getting into year-round sports, and competing at higher levels, there is growing concern for the safety of high school athletes and the long term effects that injuries have both on and off the field.

    The following graphic takes a look at which sports are the most dangerous, if boys or girls are getting hurt more, and how much time is being lost for recovery.

    Click the image for a full size version.

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  3. Testimonial Round-Up

    KT-TAPE-logosquareMeeting with thousands of KT Tape fans from across the country at various marathons, triathlons and events it is easy to listen to peoples' stories of how KT Tape help change their lives. It's one perk of being a part of the KT Tape team-- hearing how our product improves peoples' lives on a daily basis. It really does feel like "Miracle Tape" at times!

    We are now making a special call-out to our Facebook fans for personal success stories and testimonials on particular injuries. This "KT Tape Promotion: Tell us your Success Story!" has some added perks too if you participate. We need testimonials from KT Tape users with the particular injuries listed below. Post your story on our wall between 6/21/10 and 6/28/10, and EMAIL your post to PROMO@KTTAPE.COM. In return, we'll email you back with a discount code for 2 rolls of KT Tape for $20!

    If you have any of the following injuries and a success story using KT Tape, please let us know!

    -AC Joint Sprain
    -General Elbow Pain
    -Pain at Top of Foot
    -Foot Pad Pain
    -Peroneal Tendonitis
    -Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
    -Heel Pain
    -Jumper's Knee
    -Lateral/Medial Knee Pain
    -Groin Strain
    -Hip Flexor
    -Gluteus Pain
    -Rib Pain
    -Middle Back Pain

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  4. Not the Chirping Cricket

    Cricket is not a game you can play while drinking tea.  This sport requires extensive training and mental focus.  The following excerpt from Netfit,  a British based site dedicated to health and fitness, highlights the necessary elements required by those participating in the game.

    Along with building a good base of strength and fitness, the skills of the game should be worked on, ideally as a team in order to produce a higher level of combined skills, as cricket is a sport that is played in two forms, batting and fielding.


    Batsman aim to stay at the crease for as long as possible, sometimes for periods of over 4 hours. In order to occupy this position, a good bats man most be able to stay focused, have good ball / eye skills, and have the strengths and fitness to make each shot played count.

    The power will come from having a strong core, abdominal mid-section and the ability to generate explosive upper body actions, however with that said, using the kinetic energy of the ball as it speeds towards you, only requires a slight change in direction in order to score 4 runs - unfortunately this skill has only be given to a few class bats man.


    Fielders need the ability to sustain a concentrated effort for a 6 hour plus period without fatigue, in sometimes very warm conditions. There bodies most be capable of explosive bursts at any given time - such as racing for a ball, jumping for a catch.

    Aim to keep your body moving whilst on the pitch, walking and stretching the muscles whenever possible. Keep your mind busy by visualizing exactly what you will do when the ball comes towards you.

    When you have a sport that requires explosive bursts, there is going to be soreness, muscle tears and strained tendons.  At KT Tape, we have the quintessential product that addresses these inherent discomforts.   KT Tape is highly effective at providing pain relief, stability & support, & faster recovery for injured or sore muscles and joints-without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.

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  5. The Rowing Motion

    If you have ever watched a crew team glide through the water, you have seen the importance of teamwork in achieving a goal.  Many people who have never placed an oar or paddle in the water may blow off the strength and endurance required in this sport.  In taking a closer look at crew, you will find that beyond strength and endurance, a great deal of maintained flexibility is required as well.  The muscles of the upper back, arms, chest and core are used  by all teammates to move toward the finish line.  According to Brad Walker, a leading stretching and sports injury consultant of the Training Institute, "Rowers, whether competitive or just recreational, repeat the rowing motion over and over again. This repetitive motion can lead to overuse injuries. Incorrect form can also lead to chronic injuries.  Some of the more common injuries that affect the rower are wrist and shoulder tendinitis, knee bursitis, patellar tendinitis, and lower back pain."

    When injuries like those mentioned above occur, experts recommend a variety of treatments and rehabilitative strategies.  When the word "tendinitis" is part of the diagnosed injury, the benefits of KT Tape should come to mind.  Kinesiology therapeutic tape provides pain relief for common injuries such as Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis,  ITBS, hamstring strains, sore calves, neck, back, and shoulder pain and more.  This product is also useful in supporting sore or injured muscles, joints, and tendons without restricting motion like compression bands or wraps.  Sounds like a great fit for the sport of crew, yes?  At the same time, crew involves the probability that one will get wet at some point.  KT Tape can be worn in a pool or the shower without moving or peeling- and that goes for in the lake or river as well!

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  6. Endurance Marching Band

    College football is as popular as ever.  During many halftime intermissions, a select group of athletes take to the field, toting a variety of instruments from the clarinet and saxophone, to the tuba and oboe.  Yes, these are members of college marching bands, and they are tough as nails.  Take it from Chris Mader, a former member of the University of Notre Dame Marching Band and currently the Vice President and CFO of Dynamic Marching.

    From Chris Mader: First things first, marching band is an endurance sport and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  Endurance, endurance, endurance.  This will be the main focus of everything that you will need to do.  Strength training for marching band?  Yes, I know we won't be tackling the other marching bands or laying blocks on rival Drum Majors, but strength is very important for being able to control your body in the unique usages required during a show.  You will use a lot of muscles that you have never really focused on before so it is important to at least get those muscles ready for the season.

    I would certainly trust the veteran of the oldest and most famous marching band in the country.  Marching band members are very dedicated individuals and their sport requires a great deal of physicality.  Just as in the case of other athletes,  muscle pulls, strains and soreness are all part of the game.  Also in common with other athletes, is their opportunity to incorporate KT Tape into their regimen for preventative as well as healing measures.   Kinesiology therapeutic tape supports sore and injured muscles, tendons, and joints.  When it comes to playing an instrument while maintaining synchrony with other members, it is imperative that motion not be restricted as it is with other tapes, presses and wraps. By integrating KT Tape into your marching band experience, you can focus on the steps and the notes, and not the inherent aches and pains that come with the sport.

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  7. Tough Tape for the Tough Game of Lacrosse

    While it's more popular or less popular depending on where you live in the United States, lacrosse enthusiasts say the sport continues to gain popularity nationwide.

    Lacrosse is a sport of intensity, toughness and endurance. And training for the sport is equally intense.  According to Ray Megill, founder of Performance Lacrosse"It is not only about lifting weights…to perform at your best on the field you must understand the mechanics of efficient movement. This allows the player to attain his greatest speed, quickness and strength. Playing lacrosse requires the body's full integration…anything less results in injury and poor performance."

    When you hear words or phrases like performance and movement efficiency, KT Tape might pop into your mind.  After all, kinesiology therapeutic tape enhances athletic performance and increases mobility without restricting movement.  And since lacrosse is a gave of fast stopping and starting, side-to-side and forward and backward movement, injuries are common.  (Plus, big sticks are involved.) So whether you are playing lacrosse at the college level, or picking up a stick for the first time, consider putting KT Tape into your gear bag for training, game day and post-game recovery.

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  8. Saluting Specialty Retailers

    Industry experts say the world of runners is growing, and coinciding with that growth is the progress of technology available to runners.  We at KT Tape would like to thank all the specialty retailers out there who accommodate the needs of those athletes continually striving for their PR's.  We are proud to have a presence in more than one thousand specialty retail stores, many of which focus specifically on the sport of running.   Kinesiology therapeutic tape is great for all sports, and is especially helpful to runners and their specific needs.  A recent article in the trade magazine Running Insight quotes the KT Tape Vice President Jim Jenson below.

    "From the very first day, we have been focused on runners and the run specialty channel because KT Tape is a perfect solution to the common overuse injuries runners experience such as  ITBS, runner’s knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, hamstring strain, et cetera. The running market has been very receptive to our product. We are thrilled with how quickly runners are adopting KT Tape, and the enthusiasm generated by athletes who use the tape and see instant results."--KT Tape's Jim Jenson in Running Insight

    Visiting specialty running stores and getting to know the staff there, we feel, is an important part of your overall running experience.  The quality and attention to detail you'll find there is impressive, because most of the owners, managers and employees are passionate runners who are eager to talk about the sport and help you get stronger, faster and more satisfied with your shoes, apparel and accessories.  We encourage you to get out to these specialty stores and take advantage of the advancements in running technology and the products that facilitate better performance.  It’s a great time to be alive, and an even better time to be a runner!

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  9. The Science of Stepping

    j0438744At the core, walking and and running seem pretty simple --it's just putting one foot in front of the other. Right?

    Wrong! Everyone's gait is unique and different. And everyone has different needs when it comes to athletic shoes and support. An article at delves into the science behind common running issues.

    The Stretching Handbook: "The two conditions we are going to concentrate on in this issue are pronation and supination. These two terms refer to a foots natural rolling movement while walking or running. This motion is sometimes called the running gait, and is described at the New Balance web site as...
    "A unique set of actions and reactions that your foot performs while in motion to support, cushion and balance your body."

    Pronation refers to the inward roll of the foot during normal motion and occurs as the outer edge of the heel strikes the ground and the foot rolls inward and flattens out. A moderate amount of pronation is required for the foot to function properly, however damage and injury can occur during excessive pronation. When excessive pronation does occur the foot arch flattens out and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments underneath the foot.

    Supination is the opposite of pronation and refers to the outward roll of the foot during normal motion. A natural amount of supination occurs during the push-off phase of the running gait as the heel lifts off the ground and the forefoot and toes are used to propel the body forward. However, excessive supination (outward rolling) places a large strain on the muscles and tendons that stabilize the ankle, and can lead to the ankle rolling completely over, resulting in an ankle sprain or total ligament rupture.

    Some of the common injuries related to pronated and supinated gates include arch pain, heel pain, flat feet, shin splints and achilles tendonitis. Check out KT Tape's application for achilles tendonitis.

    The best way to figure out if you're a neutral, overpronator  or oversupinator runner is to head to your local running specialty running store for a Treadmill Gait Analysis.

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  10. Let's Dance!

    Competitive Dance is a demanding sport requiring endurance, vigor, and flexibility.  Competitive ballroom dancing is formally known as dancesport, where couples are judged based on speed, elegance, body action, and dramatic movements.  Age divisions start at nine years old and extend to a 50 and over category.  Performances must include various styles from the tango and waltz, to the cha cha and samba.

    The health benefits of dancesport are impressive and according to Dr. Velazquez, a writer for"ballroom dancing is known to raise heart rate, burn calories, and tone every muscle in the body. People who share time, laughter, and thoughts together are more likely to have lower rates of illness and even death. By losing weight, eating healthy foods, and increasing activity people can live a healthier life."

    The stage for dancesport continues to grow and at the 2010 Arnold Sports Festival, a youth and collegiate dancesport competition took place.  KT Tape had a presence at this event and will certainly prove to be very useful to those in the dancesport world due to the product's elasticity and proven track record in providing relief and support for muscles and joints.  We had a number of dancesport enthusiasts come by the booth to learn about taping for injury recovery elevated performance as they train and compete.  We're looking forward to seeing more and more dancers taping up!

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