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Wrist sprain

  1. Day to Day Dangers [INFOGRAPHIC]

    According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, popular sporting activities for nearly all ages rack up an impressive number of treated injuries and hospitalizations throughout the year.

    We examine national injury estimates from a CPSC survey of more than 90 hospitals to find out which sports are the most dangerous.

    Click the image for a full size version.

    KT Tape Day To Day Dangers

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  2. Young Bloods: The Truth about High School Sports [INFOGRAPHIC]

    High school athletes have always debated which sport is the toughest and most dangerous. The bigger issue, however is safety. As more and more athletes are getting into year-round sports, and competing at higher levels, there is growing concern for the safety of high school athletes and the long term effects that injuries have both on and off the field.

    The following graphic takes a look at which sports are the most dangerous, if boys or girls are getting hurt more, and how much time is being lost for recovery.

    Click the image for a full size version.

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  3. New KT Tape Applications for Shoulders, Shin Splints, and Wrists

    Here are three more video's- as requested by @tkdsoulkat, @R_Cha_3, and @jlusardi on Twitter. If you'd like to request a video please let us know.


    First, is an updated version of our ac joint pain video. AC Joint injuries can be very painful and take a long time to heal. For most separations or injuries to the AC Joint, this KT Tape application will drastically reduce pain, provide needed support, and speed the healing process.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]DJEhxOkg8Pg[/youtube]


    This video is an update for our anterior shin splints application. This application can be used for a variety of ankle issues including ankle sprains, stretched ligaments, inflamed tendons, or general ankle weakness. The added support will give you the confidence and support during the rehabilitation phase of an injury as well as the stability and pain relief during activity.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]xICBWe-UbTo[/youtube]


    This application is a brand new one for wrist pain. KT Tape is appropriate for Grade I and II sprains, and Grade III sprains after seeking medical attention. KT Tape provides stability through proprioceptive feedback and mechanical support. Additionally, KT Tape is very comfortable and allows for slight healthy range of motion in order to speed the healing process. Other treatments include rest, ice, NSAIDs, and in very severe cases surgery. It is very important to get an accurate diagnosis is moderate to severe cases in order to avoid complications in the future.

    [youtube width=585 height=327]vlCFhibUi_4[/youtube]

    We have many more new applications to come so check back tomorrow for more. For a full list of new applications see check here. Leave a comment and let us know what you think? Thx!

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  4. NEW! KT Tape Application for Wrist Pain

    Welcome to a brand NEW KT Tape Application- not available anywhere else except here on the blog and on our Facebook Fan Page!

    Wrist pain is often caused by carpal tunnel, ulinar entrapment at some point along the wrist, and many more.

    This application provides stability to the wrist and relaxes the muscles along its flexors.

    It is important to follow the body position of the wrist as outlined in this video demonstration for application (first putting the wrist in flexion, then later stretching the wrist in the opposite direction as demonstrated above). 

    Let us know what you think of this NEW application by leaving your comments here on the blog or by posting on our Facebook page!

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  5. Wimbledon Recap: KT Tape for Common Tennis Injuries

    You saw the tennis pros sporting KT Tape at Wimbledon the last couple of weeks- want to learn more?  Check out this special report from the UK by Ketan Makwana at about how KT Tape is used for common tennis injuries:

    Tennis is a sports played throughout the year on various different surfaces.  With Wimbeldon being a part of the top sporting events taking place we take a look at some of the common injuries sustained by playing tennis and how kinesiology tape can support the injury and enhance recovery.

    You have noticed during some sporting events that participants and professionals donning bright, multicoloured strips on their bodies; particularly around the shoulders, knees, elbows, thighs and wrists.

    This is kinesiology tape, a sports injury phenomenon which was introduced into the UK in the early 70s.  Kinesiology tape uses the manipulation of skin contours to support muscle and tendons, they allow for blood circulation and lymphatic drainage allowing for reduction in swelling and pain relief.  Furthermore, using kinesiology to common sporting injuries also supports mobility which enhances recovery.

    In this special blog we will look at some of the common injuries sustained whilst playing tennis. At this point I would like to stress that Kinesiology and the use of therapy tape is only a facet of your rehabilitation, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice from your doctor or physiotherapist.

    Tennis Elbow

    Although labeled Tennis Elbow, this common injury is not just caused by playing tennis;  when you are suffering from Tennis Elbow you have actually strained the extensor tendons in the forearm. The tendons become inflamed where they join the bony part on the outside of your elbow.  Incidently, if this pain is on the inside they call it Golfer’s Elbow as the grip and twist is usually reversed.

    Usually this strain has been caused by activities that involve gripping and twisting of the forearm.  If you are suffering from Tennis Elbow and want to use therapy tape to support your recovery click on the Tennis Elbow link here to see how therapy tape is applied.

    Rotator Cuff Injuries

    Rotator cuff injury and inflammation is one the most common causes of shoulder pain. This is caused by irritation and inflammation of the tendons of the rotator cuff. Rotator cuff injuries tend to have a sudden onset, so you feel pain almost immediately.

    As in most cases with injuries of this type it is caused by overuse of the shoulder, particularly in tennis the shoulder is put through intense usage with serving and also reciprocating shots of the ball in reply to the opponent.

    For shoulder injuries and details on how to strap up using Kinesiology Tape for injuries such as rotator cuff please click here.

    Wrist Tendonitis

    This is the irritation and inflammation of the tendons around the wrist.

    The most common and consistent complaint of patients diagnosed with wrist tendonitis is pain over the area of the inflammation; swelling surrounding soft tissues is also common.

    Check out the video on using Kinesiology tape for wrist injuries by clicking here.

    Achilles Tendonitis

    The Achilles Tendon is the large tendon at the back of the ankle; it connects the large calf muscle to the heel bone and provides the power for walking a running.

    Achilles Tendon injuries are very painful and prevent you from walking, injuries can be sustained from inflammation of the tendon due to overuse.  This is very common in sports such as tennis and football and can take the sufferer several weeks or months to remedy.

    Kinesiology tape is designed to support this type of common injury, to see how you can use therapy tape to support the injury click here.

    Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band)

    IT Band pain, like Achilles Tendonitis, can be very painful, and knee symptoms can prevent walking.  It is often found in sports enthusiasts and also in women during pregnancy.

    The band pain is caused by superficial thickening of tissue on the outside of the thigh extending from the outside of the pelvis to over the hips and knees.  As the band stabilizes, movement such as walking and running with continuous rubbing of the band can cause inflammation.

    Symptoms range from a stinging sensation just above the knee joint to swelling and thickening of the tissue.  Unlike rotator cuff injuries the pain is not onset or sudden and may not actually be felt during exercise or movement, however this can intensify later…

    To read the entire article, visit

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  6. KT Tape Ultimate Summer Kick-Off

    Summer is here, and it’s the season of Ultimate!  Also commonly known as Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate is a fast growing but lesser-known sport that is played frequently by just over .8 million Americans per year.  Have you ever played Ultimate?  Now could be the time to start! 

    Before you head out to the field, you might want to review the basic rules and some of the fun facts behind why you should play from USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the U.S. (see below).

    Also don’t forget to tape preventatively for common Ultimate injuries: Knees, shoulders, and wrists can be the first to get sore!

    What is Ultimate?

    Combining the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football, a game of Ultimate is played by two seven-player squads with a high-tech plastic disc on a field similar to football. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent’s end zone. A player must stop running while in possession of the disc, but may pivot and pass to any of the other receivers on the field. 

    Ultimate is a transition game in which players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers that occur with a dropped pass, an interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player is caught holding the disc for more than ten seconds.

    Ultimate is governed by Spirit of the Game™, a tradition of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the players rather than referees. Ultimate is played in more than 42 countries by hundreds of thousands of men and women, girls and boys.

    Why Play Ultimate?

    There is a reason why hundreds of new people begin playing Ultimate each year.  Ultimate is genuinely fun and exciting. The unique flying options of the disc mean that no two throws look alike and the options are limitless. 

    It's relatively new in the world of sports (since 1968) and has been gaining rapidly in popularity ever since. Players of all ages and levels enjoy the unique challenges this sport offers. Once you get started you will be hooked on Ultimate. 

    From the beginner to the elite player, Ultimate is a terrific sport that offers challenges at all levels of play. Ultimate combines athletic skills of running, catching and throwing. Additional skills and athleticism beyond that are left up to the player's imagination. Many athletes of other sports find the transition to Ultimate both easy and rewarding, as the sport requires many of the same techniques as basketball, soccer and even lacrosse. Whether you play-pick up occasionally at the local park or practice three times a week with your team, playing Ultimate will leave you feeling energized and alive.
    Although Ultimate is sometimes stigmatized as a "tree-hugger" sport, in reality Ultimate is a legitimate sport with a national governing body. Ultimate is a real sport, with official rules, leagues, competitions at all age levels. Ultimate demands extraordinary fitness, endurance and skill; an intellect which understands the physics of the disc and strategies of play; as well as an honest and trusting temperament committed to the Spirit of the Game. Ultimate is a great sport to begin as a child or to start getting into as an adult; due to the sport's relative newness, the Ultimate family welcomes any player that has an interest. 

    Ultimate is a great sport for school districts or anyone who is interested in trying something new and different with minimal costs. The equipment needed to play are incredibly few and relatively inexpensive. In addition to a low cost, Ultimate combines athletic skills that children learn through out their physical educations and can be easily applied to the sport of Ultimate. Due to the low cost and the easy transition from other sports, Ultimate is a perfect sport to introduce students.  

    Ultimate develops acceptance of responsibility for one's own behavior. Participation truly builds character, self-reliance, listening and negotiating skills and leadership qualities due to the sport's official rules of Spirit of the Game. In addition, more and more top colleges have serious Ultimate teams and playing from a young age may give students a competitive edge when applying to schools.

    To find out where to play Ultimate near you, visit the Ultimate Events Calendar.  To read the entire article and learn more about Ultimate, visit the USA Ultimate website.

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  7. Tips for Walking on Ice

    walking on ice2Many winter injuries are a result of simple movements gone wrong.  But walking in the winter when snow and ice make things precocious can be tricky.  Below is a list of tips to keep you upright on your own two feet and keep your rump off the frozen ground.  In case of a fall, however, remember that KT Tape can treat a variety of fall-related injuries such as sprained wrist, ankle, and rib pain.

    1. Walk like a penguin:  keep your feet apart and slightly turned out to increase your center of gravity.
    2. Avoid carrying heavy bags or packages.  This unfamiliar weight distribution can throw off your center of gravity.
    3. Take short steps or shuffle.
    4. Don’t run or take long strides.
    5. In cold weather assume all wet looking surfaces are slippery.
    6. Keep your hands free and out of your pockets.  This will help with your balance.
    7. Use designated paths and walkways and avoid taking shortcuts through uncleared areas.
    8. Don’t wear shoes with smooth soles or heels; stick with something that has traction.
    9. Bend your knees slightly and walk flat-footed.
    10. Should you fall, try to relax as much as possible.
    11. Try to avoid landing on your knees, writs or spine.
    12. Use KT Tape as a preventative tool for support and mobility.  You'll find the ease of movement helpful as you make your way over icy hill and dale.

    Hopefully these tips will prevent a hazardous fall and keep your fanny off the sidewalk.  For for kinesiology therapeutic taping instructions for fall related injuries, click here.

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  8. Health Risks Associated with Snow Shoveling

    shovelAs Mother Nature continues to dump snow on the US we  are reminded of how sometimes simple winter chores can yield injuries.  KT Tape wants everyone to remember to be safe while out in the slippery cold snow and should an injury befall you, remember KT Tape has your (sore) back.

    Here is an article we found from the Huffington Post on the health risks with shoveling snow:

    Before you strap up your boots and grab your snow shovel, you might want to think twice. An average of 11,500 people in the U.S. are sent to the emergency room each year for injuries related to shoveling snow -- injuries caused by slips and falls, acute muscle pain and cardiac problems -- according to a recent study from the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

    While people may complain of a sore back (a common snow-shoveling injury), what doctors worry most about are the heart problems that result from the arduous chore. The study found that a mere two minutes of shoveling snow can spike your heart rate to unsafe levels.

    Why such an extreme spike? Blame the cold weather. Cold air can cause blood vessels to constrict in the body, resulting in skyrocketing blood pressure, said Barry Franklin, Ph.D., Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Laboratories at Beaumont Hospital, on ABC News.

    Cold weather and an activity that creates "excessive demands on the heart" make for a dangerous mix, he said. "The heart is working very hard, yet we're not getting enough blood flow back to the heart."

    So is there a safe way to shovel snow? Snow-blowers considerably reduce the demands on the heart, said Franklin.

    Common injuries related with shoveling snow that KT Tape can help with: back pain, wrist pain, sprained ankle.  For video taping instructions visit the KT Tape instructions page here.

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  9. Take Aim With KT Tape This Hunting Season

    Archery targetWith the bow hunting season already underway in most states, many hunters are adding KT Tape to the list of “must-have” items to help them bag the big one.  Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain are common among bow hunters and KT Tape is here to help.  With applications to help relieve pain and promote healing in these areas, KT Tape is gaining popularity with archers.

    It is also perfect for those long treks through the woods for people with bad knees and joints.  Along with pain relief it also helps stimulate blood circulation in affected areas so it’s great for those achy joints when the weather gets nippy.

    KT Tape is also available in a newly-released camo color so it will blend in with the rest of your gear; perfect for the active sportsman.

    As with any sport, safety is a top priority and KT Tape wants to remind hunters to look out for each other out there and have a safe season.

    The camo KT Tape is being sold directly and in bulk packages of four.  For sales and availability email

    For a complete list of KT Tape application instructions click here.

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  10. It's No Bull! KT Tape Rocks

    BeauHillKT Tape gets requests from top athletes on how to tape up before their major sporting events all the time.  Most commonly the questions are from Triathletes, Cyclists and Endurance Runners wanting to know the best application for what ails them.  We love helping these athletes perform their best, but it’s always fun when we get questions from an unexpected athlete.

    This past week we have received several inquiries from Professional Bull Riders who are preparing for the Professional Bull Riders World Finals in Las Vegas.  Bull riding didn't immediately cross our minds when we created KT Tape, but it makes perfect sense.  Bull riding is extremely tough on the body, especially the back and shoulders.  KT Tape can help with back pain whether it’s SI Joint, lower, or middle back pain.  And the with the array of different shoulder applications, there is sure to be one that works for these riders.  We’re also suggesting the Rib Pain and wrist sprain applications for some of the guys.

    We’re always excited when KT Tape charts new territory so we’re thrilled KT Tape will be on some of the riders at this event, good luck boys!

    The PBR World Finals are taking place in Las Vegas October 20-24.  For event information and tickets visit the PBR website here.

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