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KT Tape Kinesiology Blog

  1. Add color to your running shoes with KT Tape

    Here's a great idea from KT Taper Elif C that we thought we'd pass on. She writes:

    "For the last Disneyland Half Marathon I wanted yellow Minnie shoes to go with my running costume but didn't want to spray paint my brand new shoes.  I brainstormed for a good while before I found the most perfect solution: as I was using yellow KT Tape on my knee it hit me and I taped my shoes. Worked like a charm. It breathes and  doesn't leave any residue on your shoes. with so many colors to choose from you can match your shoes to virtually any running costume. Its perfect!! I posted pictures on Facebook for my running friends to try out too and  everyone loves it. LOVE KT Tape!!!"

    If you've used KT Tape in a non traditional way we'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let us know how you used it. thx

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  2. KT Tape Official Kinesiology tape of the Ragnar Relay Series

    Kaysville, Utah ( October 29, 2013) – Ragnar Relay Series, the nation?s largest overnight team endurance event series that features 21 races across the United States and Canada, today announced a new partnership with KT Tape, a global leader in kinesiology tape for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The partnership will include KT Tape taping stations on the race course at 5 select events, product samples in the team race bags, Limited Edition Ragnar branded KT Tape Pro in the merchandize tent and at RagnarRelay.com, special offers in the virtual race bag, and ongoing presence throughout RagnarRelay.com. "We couldn't be happier to welcome KT Tape to the Ragnar family. It's great to partner with an organization that produces products that benefit our runners and makes life more awesome," said Mike Hogan, Vice President of Partnerships, Ragnar Relay Series. "By the nature of our long-distance running relays, our athletes get sore and need some kind of support. KT Tape will be the perfect solution to this problem, providing runners with muscle support and pain relief to overcome the challenges of a Ragnar. And it comes with reflective printing to help keep our runners safe in the dark." "With Ragnar Relay races covering approximately 200 miles and lasting more than 24 hours, treating and preventing injuries is essential to a successful race," said Jim Jenson, Chief Marketing Officer, KT Tape. "We are confident that the athletes will see a tremendous benefit using KT Tape in their training and races." The company joins other Ragnar Relay Series national sponsors including PRO Compression, Petzl, Clif Bar, SweatVac, Monster Beverages, Nuun and Scott James Jewelers. To learn more about the Ragnar Relay Series, visit www.ragnarrelay.com About Ragnar Events Based in Utah, Ragnar Events, LLC is the largest overnight running relay series in the United States. Traversing inspiring and scenic destinations around the country, these events make testing your limits a team sport. In the Ragnar Relay Series, teams of 12 run a 200-mile relay over two days and one night; in Ragnar Trail Relay, teams of 8 run a 120-mile trail relay over the same time span. Participants connect in memorable relationships, conquer a challenge that could not be done alone and celebrate with medals and finish line festivities. Often called a slumber party without sleep, pillows or deodorant, this unique relay turns out crazy costumes, inside jokes, close quarters and unforgettable stories. Begun as a single relay from Logan to Park City, UT in 2004 by college roommates, Dan Hill and Tanner Bell, now over 200,000 people have run in the Ragnar Relay Series, which boasts 21 races, including Canada, and is growing every year. About KT Tape KT Tape is an elastic sports tape used by everyday athletes to provide pain relief and support for hundreds of common injuries. Think of KT Tape as a flexible version of a brace or traditional athletic tape, kind of like an adhesive ace bandage. It supports sore muscles & joints without the bulk or limiting the body's natural movement. It is lightweight, 100% natural, and comfortable to wear so it won't slow you down. Developed by Utah-based Lumos Inc., KT Tape is the only consumer brand of kinesiology tape widely available at over 25,000 locations in the US & Canada and each box includes instructions showing how to apply. KT Tape is officially endorsed by Kerri Walsh, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.
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  3. St. Jude Memphis Marathon

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  4. Duke City Marathon

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  5. Huntsville Marathon

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  6. Timpanogos Half Marathon

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  7. An Insider's Guide to getting KT Taped at a race

    If you've ever stopped by the KT Tape booth at a marathon, triathlon, or other sports event you know the line to be taped can take well over an hour. We recently spoke with KT Tape expert Joseph McCaleb, PT about what people could do to come prepared to the expo to get taped so we can take care of them as quickly as possible. Joe has staffed 14 races in the past year so he was able to provide some quick answers that will make your next taping experience even better. 1. What to wear. Be prepared by wearing clothing which will allow easy access to your area you need taped. For example, if you need to have your knee or IT band taped, you need to wear shorts. As you can see from the picture, the tape will come up in the mid thigh area for most people and no matter how hard you try those stretchy jeans just DON'T pull up far enough. Gals that want to have their backs or shoulders taped should wear sports bras. However, it's far easier to apply the back and shoulder applications at home by a trusted person without the clothing getting in the way. 2. Skin Prep. Make sure your skin is clean, dry and that you have no lotions or oils of any type as the tape will not stick if you have lotion on. It is preferable that you shower the morning of the expo to make sure the lotion you applied yesterday is completely cleaned from the skin. Guys- if you have a lot of hair in the area you want taped you probably need to shave before being taped. The tape is designed to stick directly to the skin. If you have excessive hair that prevents the tape from getting a good grip on the skin, the tape won't stay on properly. If you need a shave we will happily do it for you, but it's much faster if you come to the expo already preped with soft and supple skin. One last thing. We try to keep things 'family friendly' at the expos as much as possible. There are a few apps that you're on your own to apply such as hip flexor or glute pain. We're sure you understand.

    3. How much does it cost? How does a taping session work? Taping at the expos is free. We consider it a service to the athletes and we don't charge at the events. We will ask questions to try and identify the best application but in most cases the KT Tape staff are not medical professionals and are not diagnosing the condition or trying to determine root cause. We are simply addressing the immediate pain. If you have questions about your specific condition you should see a licensed professional. You can also post a question on our Ask an Expert forum.

    Have you been taped at an event before? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any other tips. Thx

    To find out if KT Tape will be at your next event check here.

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  8. Schwan's USA Cup International Youth Soccer Tournament

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  9. KT Tape gives runner confidence to train harder and reach milestones.

    We are happy to share another inspiring guest post by KT Tape fan Taylor Johnson aka "Happy Girl": On July 16, 2012 I set a goal for myself. I would run Disney's Princess Half Marathon in February 2013. But you don't go from an uncoordinated non-workout kind of girl to a runner that easily. I injured my IT Band / patella in December and was in physical therapy for weeks prior to the marathon. My therapist advised against the half-marathon. I was disappointed because I had been training so hard but with my therapist's permission I decided to still fly down to Orlando and run/walk the 5k instead. She told me to take it easy and go slow. I needed to cross a finish line and I did with the help of tape. At the Disney runner's Expo, I picked up my registration materials and bought the t-shirt ("Sorry Prince, Gotta Run!). I also discovered a KT Tape booth where experts were available to tape areas on runners that needed extra support. The line was extraordinarily long so I thought if these fit, experienced runners needed taping, I should do it as well. As I sat on the exam table I explained my knee injury to the KT Tape expert who then quickly taped my knee. As soon as I stood up I could feel the difference. My knee felt supported and the clicking that I felt with each step was gone. He told me the tape could last up to 7 days (regular KT Tape up to 3 days and KT Tape Pro up to 7 days). It felt so good that I bought a roll of pink KT Tape to support my knee for the rest of my two week trip. I was concerned about being able to do it myself but he told me that the videos on the KT Tape YouTube Channel would make me a taping expert. (KT Tape works for all sorts of injuries including knee, ankle, arm, back and shoulders.) During the 5k this tape not only helped my physically I felt confident that the KT Tape supported my knee so well that I could put my all into the 5k and not hold back. The KT Tape stayed on well in water and peeled off easily when I was ready to remove it.

    Before I flew home from Florida I ordered more tape and I have been using almost every day. I did forget to apply it one day and I felt unstable a couple miles from home. I actually thought about calling my husband to come get me because I was worried about the lack of support for my knee. On that run, however, I just walked slowly home and didn't complete my goal. Using KT Tape helps me train harder and gives me the confidence to push myself to reach each milestone. So far, that means 80 pounds gone. I love this product and I also like that it comes in fun colors like Hero Pink and Winner Green (seen above.) This is how easy it is. Click here to see the Full Knee Support Video If you'd like to share your experience as a guest blogger send us an email at marketing@kttape.com. thx
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  10. KT Tape Sponsored Surfer takes Bronze at ISA World Masters

    KT Tape made it possible for me to surf in the ISA World Masters of Surfing in Ecuador. Heading into the world contest, I was training several hours a day and I was pushing through back and shoulder injuries. I was actually considering not competing because my back spasms were so painful, I could barely surf. I tried acupuncture and physical therapy (which provided some relief), but the KT Tape was the one thing that pulled me through and made it possible for me to compete. I'm a year-round competitive surfer; training hard and having reliable equipment are the most important things for me (besides God and my faith). I would not have been able to get 6th in the world and help Team USA get the Bronze metal without KT Tape. Thanks KT Tape! Rick Takahashi Team USA
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