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Perfect Workout Synergy

Together KT tape and FlexIt Fitness will help you achieve your fitness goals with live feedback and accountability from your coach during your virtual personal training session while KT tape will be there to help you recover during and after your workout with a wide range of performance and recovery products. KT Tape and FlexIt Fitness are designed to support you through personalized workouts and prevent you from slowing down when the aches and pain of life occur.


Get FREE Workouts!

KT Tape is excited to partner with FlexIt Fitness and pro-vide this great benefit to you! KT Tape customers will receive 2 free virtual training sessions with purchase of any KT Tape product. Click to learn more

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Work out wherever, whenever with FlexIt, powered by KT Tape

Don’t forget to use your favorite KT Tape products during your workout and after to aid in support and recovery.