KT Tape Testimonial Calf Strain
“In my final weeks of training to run the half at the San Francisco Marathon, a nagging calf injury worsened to the point where I didn’t think I was going to be able to run the race. I went to the expo two days before the race, and a representative from KT Tape taped my calf up, confidently assuring me that I would get better quickly. I was skeptical, but leaving the expo I noticed that I no longer felt the pain in my calf. Two days later I ran the half without experiencing any pain whatsoever in my calf, and I can say in all honesty that I’m now a believer!”

Ken Miller.

KT Tape Testimonial Quad Strain
“One of most common KT Tape applications for rugby players is quad strains. Precut strips might seem like a small thing, but when you have to tape up several rugby players, it’s a big deal.”
Carrie P.

physiotherapist and co-owner of two physiotherapy clinics in eastern Ontario.

KT Tape Testimonial Jumpers Knee
“I just used it for my knee yesterday during the Portland Marathon with fantastic results!! Stayed in place the whole time, and my knee feels amazing. I never get through a run without knee pain, but had zero yesterday or today. I personally think …it’s an amazing product, thanks.”

Katie Keller.

KT Tape Testimonial Golfers Elbow
“This is an awesome product. I use it almost every day or when I have aches and pains. It works and helps with recovery.”

Jason Fujimoto.

KT Tape Testimonial Wrist Sprain
“Had been having some problems with bad wrist tendinitis. The week prior I had a 45-minute hitting session and my wrist was very tender afterwards. Picked up some KT Tape the day before a USTA tournament- worked like a charm. I’m officially hooked on KT Tape.”

Mark Howard.

KT Tape Testimonial Finger Jam
“This stuff is magic, works like a miracle. I am a firm believer.”

Lora Eklund.

KT Tape Testimonial Hamstring
“I seriously credit this weird tape with helping me run the marathon pain-free.”

Jessica B.

KT Tape Testimonial ITBS Hip
“Thanks guys! I’ve been suffering from ITBS, I’d tried braces and other tape but nothing helped after a couple miles of running. So I taped up with KT tape yesterday and ran 5 miles without an issue! The stuff worked great, just thought others might like to know.”

Eric Newren.

KT Tape Testimonial Runners Knee
“I just used it for my knee yesterday during the Portland Marathon with fantastic results!! Stayed in place the whole time, and my knee feels amazing. I never get through a run without knee pain, but had zero yesterday or today. I personally think …it’s an amazing product, thanks.”

Katie Keller.

KT Tape Testimonial Tennis Elbow
“Great stuff! Can play tennis pain free and without the chafing and slipping of neoprene straps. 4 day recovery period cut to one.”

Paul Nyhan.

KT Tape Testimonial General Shoulder
“BRAVO KT TAPE! Just completed (2) back to back water polo games and my daughter reports she is PAIN FREE! Recovering from Arthroscopic surgery on her left shoulder for separated shoulder & torn labrum last December has been difficult & painful for her. She calls it her Magic tape now. Going forward I will have a roll with me at all times! Miraculous! I am in Love!”

Vanessa Lindberg.

KT Tape Testimonial Ankle Sprain
“I am a neurosurgery resident on my feet all day long, and sprained my ankle pretty bad. Due to the nature of my job i could not have a bulky ace bandage on. I went to my local runners store and they recommended KT tape. It has significantly eased the pain in my ankle and is nonbulky and comfortable!”

KT Tape Testimonial Lower Back
“I have three herniated discs in my lumbar region with a fourth bulging for it’s chance. After six years in a Marine Infantry Company and two more in heavy construction it’s a wonder I can walk. Needless to say I have tons of “mystery” pains and sciatica to boot… I saw the tape at Dick’s Sporting Goods! I bought five rolls and rushed home with my son to tape his leg for lacrosse; the diagrams were easy to follow and his shin splints were gone. I put the tape on my Achilles tendon and my Plantars too; instantly gone! Thank you for making this available to me; you effectively saved my sanity. Too much pain has been ruling my world; now I can fight back.”

Rob Moores.

KT Tape Testimonial Shin Splints Anterior
“I read about this product in Runner’s World a few months ago, and was intrigued. Then, at the Ogden Marathon expo, I saw your booth and made a beeline for it. I have chronic shin splints, mostly because I never take enough time off to let them heal. So, I had someone at the booth tape me up the night before running the half marathon. At the race, I never felt a thing!! Not even a twinge at the beginning, which is usually when the pain is the worst. I left it on for two days, and my leg was great the next time I ran. This stuff is amazing, and I’m telling all my friends and family about it!”


KT Tape Testimonial Pain On Top Of Foot
“I am not into sports. I am neither a professional athlete nor an Olympian, though I may hold the record for most consecutive hours spent in an office chair. My wife (a physical therapist) tried taping me with another brand of tape to help with severe back and neck pain due to muscle cramping/tension that over-the-counter meds could no longer touch. The tape caused a rash and itched so badly that I pulled it off the first day. A friend recommended KT Tape. I taped the right shoulder and neck as demonstrated in the videos… I taped the right shoulder/neck and the left shoulder/neck. The pain diminished within the hour and was completely gone within three days. Best of all, no itching and no rash! Take that pharmaceutical companies!”

Eric Patten.

KT Tape Testimonial Plantar FasciitisII
“Thank you KT Tape! I had plantar fasciitis in my right foot so badly that I couldn’t take a single step without pain. After being taped up I was able to run the Marine Corps Marathon without a single step of pain from the plantar fasciitis ... Now I just wished I’d wrapped by whole body in KT Tape, because I hurt everywhere EXCEPT the arch of my right foot!”

Amanda Jones.

KT Tape Testimonial SI Joint
“During my pregnancy I have had back pains that are constant. I put the tape on one night and did not notice any back problems then next day. I love this tape!”

KT Tape Testimonial Achilles Tend
“I suffer from Achilles Tendonitis brought on by getting cleated in the Achilles tendon during a lacrosse game. Prior to some tournaments recently, I bought a box from East Bay of your tape and followed the great video directions for the product. I was able to play with little pain. What a great, non-intrusive product.”

William St. Laurent.