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KT Tape is an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments*.

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Neck & Shoulder

Tape the neck and shoulder to target muscle soreness or tightness in this area.


AC Joint

Use this taping application method to help stabilize the AC joint.


Tennis Elbow

Outer elbow pain or tightness? Try out this taping method. We have an application for golfer's elbow, too!


Thumb Joint

If your thumb is jammed or injured, you can tape it up to provide flexible support and improved recovery.*



If your wrist is tight or painful, you can tape it up to provide relief and flexible support that can last for days.


Low Back

Common pain in the low back area can be caused various factors, find comfortable relief with KT Tape's low back taping application.



Looking for some lightweight support for your ribs? Try out this taping method to bring you comfort.


General Elbow

Try taping your elbow joint with KT Tape to provide support while maintaining full range of motion.



Glute pain or soreness can be debilitating - speed up your recovery with this taping method for the glute muscles.


Achilles Tendonitis

Tight or painful achilles tendons can result from overuse. Support it with KT Tape using our simple application method.



Sore hamstrings need KT Tape - try this taping method to provide help with recovery and pain relief.*



Tape your quad muscles for comfortable support without restricting range of motion.


Plantar Fasciitis

If Plantar fasciitis (arch pain) is keeping you off your feet, try taping it with KT Tape to help with recovery and support!


Shin Splints

Pain in the front of your shins from constant running? Try taping up your shin pain for some relief and keep on moving.


Full Knee

This application method was designed to help support the patella tendon and provide stability to the joint and common knee injuries.



Tape your calf muscles to help relieve general calf pain, soreness, or cramping.*


Ankle Stability

Injured, sore, or unstable ankle joint? Try out this tape application to support your daily lifestyle.


KT Tape® is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries.*

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