KT TAPE FOR LEGS: KT Tape helps reduce pressure to the tissue and may reduce discomfort or pain in many areas of the legs. These resources can help you find the proper technique for your needs and get the best benefit possible from using kinesiology tape for pain relief and support.

GETTING STARTED: Healthcare professionals have been teaching patients for years how to apply kinesiology tape themselves. Don’t be afraid to jump in and just go for it the first time you try and tape yourself. It generally takes 3 or 4 times to get comfortable with taping, then soon you’ll be taping like the pros.

TAPING BASICS: Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure the skin is clean and dry, free from lotions/oils (suntan lotion, skin conditioner, topical treatments, etc). We’ve even found that some bath soaps have moisturizers in them that leave a residue behind, so if you want to play it safe just clean the skin with rubbing alcohol before applying.
  • If applying KT Tape on a joint, be sure the joint is in a fully bent position. If the tape is applied over a knee or elbow in an extended position the tape will pull off as the joint is moved.
  • Never stretch the first or the last 2 inches of the tape on either end. These ‘anchors’ of tape on the ends should be applied directly to the skin without stretching, otherwise it will pull up and will not stick.
  • Lastly, be sure to set the adhesive by firmly rubbing the tape & make sure all the edges are down. For best results apply the tape 30-60 minutes before athletic activity.