Hall of Fame Powerlifter Mike Bridges Signs with KT Tape Team

Powerlifting Champion and Multiple World Record Holder Relies on KT Tape to Stay Pain-free

KT Tape is adding another world-class athlete to its team.  Powerlifting champion and Hall of Famer Mike Bridges has officially endorsed KT Tape as his choice for pain relief and muscle support.  KT Tape is the first-ever kinesiology tape to come in pre-cut strips specifically designed for consumer use. Bridges recently smashed his own world record for the swat lift at 804 lbs, an amazing 88 lbs heavier than his last world record!  This lift was performed during the 2009 Pan Am Games and it was the heaviest lift of any athlete in the completion, regardless of class. This legitimately gives Mike the claim of Strongest Man in the World! Mike says that during the 12 weeks leading to the Pan Am games, he trained every day wearing KT Tape on his back and arm.  He found that the tape kept him from incurring the strains and inflammation that always accompany intensive competition training.  KT Tape allowed him to train at a higher level than he has ever trained, resulting in an absolutely incredible accomplishment at the games. Bridges began powerlifting at the age of 15 and entered his first competition at 18, setting his first world record that same year.  Over the years, Bridges has set and broken more than 100 world records.  At 52, he's still raising the bar, competing against much younger lifters while winning 4 gold medals and setting two more world records at the NAPF Pan-American Regional Powerlifting Championships last month. Respected worldwide for his accomplishments, Bridges was inducted into the IPF Hall of Fame in December 2008, a true legend in his sport. Many professional athletes been using the tape for years, but now for the first time ever KT Tape is available to consumers.  KT Tape is the only solution that provides pain relief and support before, during, and after activity without restricting motion. KT Tape works by gently lifting the skin off of the muscle, relieving pressure on the nerves and reducing pain without chemicals or medication. As Bridges experienced, KT Tape can also improve circulation and reduce inflammation around strained muscles and joints. It acts like an external layer of muscle that distributes the strain on the affected area, allowing the muscle to relax and heal faster. Basic application techniques involve stretching the affected muscle, and applying the tape with a light stretch across the area.

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