Mia Manganello

“At a very early age, Mia Manganello started chasing her Olympic dreams. Her passion to succeed was deeply rooted in her family support and abilities to excel in multiple sports. When she was eight years old, she made the leap from inline to ice skating. Her family picked up their life in Florida to move to Salt Lake City so she could chase her Olympic dreams. Between 2003 to 2010, she was a star team member on the Jr. and Sr. World Teams and competed in two Olympic Trials. However, she found herself drained and started chasing the podium in competitive cycling.



SPORT: Speed Skating Long Track

BORN: 10/27/1989

HOMETOWN: Crestview, FL

HEIGHT: 5'8"



OLYMPIC MEDALS: 2018 Olympic Hopeful

OTHER TITLES/NOTABLE WINS: 2016-2017 National Record 3000m. 2016-2017 Mass Start 5th Overall. 2016-2017 World Championships Team: 1500m, 3000m, 5000m mass start, and team pursuit. 2016-2017 National Championships Gold medal 1500m, 3000m, 5000m. 2016-2017 National Championships Silver medal mass start. 2016-17 Long Track National All Round Team. 2016-17 Long Track Fall World Cup Roster. 2015-16 American Cup 3 - 1500m gold; 3000m gold. 2015-16 Long Track National Championships - 3000m gold. 2008-09 American Cup Final - 1500m silver; 3000m silver. 2008-09 Long Track North American Championships - 1500m bronze. 2008-09 Junior National Championships - 500m gold; 1000m gold; 1500m gold; 3000m gold

“Living in the moment and making each one count.”

Mia spent more than 6 years away from the ice rink. During that time, she pushed herself to quickly be seen as a podium threat in the world of competitive cycling both nationally and internationally. On the Visit Dallas/DNA Cycling Team, she competed alongside some of the best female cyclists in the US. She achieved multiple podium finishes and earned Green Sprinter Points Jerseys to add to her accomplishments.

A trip to Salt Lake City in 2015, reignited her love for the ice. Manganello packed her bags for a return move to SLC and set her sights on qualifying for the US National Championships in Milwaukee, WI. Only two months later, her US Nationals performance in the 3,000m landed her the new title of National Champion with a 4 second personal best. In the Mass Start race, she channeled her cycling abilities to compete alongside 25 women and land her 2nd US National Championships title. Mia accepted an invitation to join the US National Team and train in Salt Lake City. The past few years have been solely devoted to earning a spot on the 2018 Winter Olympics US Speed skating team.

“If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.”

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