Achilles Tendonitis

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Achilles tendon problems

Tendinitis typically develops after abrupt changes in activity or training level, use of poorly fit or worn footwear, or training on uneven or dense running surfaces. Overuse prior to sufficient training is generally the cause. This is due to forces 8-10 times the body weight acting on the tendon during physical activity.

Achilles tendonitis symptoms

Achilles injuries range from inflammation to a breakdown in tendon. Pain is generally felt low on the back of the heel due to the low vascularity and susceptibility for inflammation. Pain higher on the Achilles is generally more muscular pain and less tendonitis. If swollen or knots are found along the tendon, or if the tendon feels jagged, cease activity an seek professional medical care.

How KT Tape can help with achilles tendonitis

Along with proper rest, icing, and anti-inflammatory medication, KT Tape can help relieve this pain and reduce inflammation along this crucial tendon*. Though even walking can become painful with Achilles injuries, KT Tape can get you moving again*.

Resources for similar issues

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*Not clinically proven for all injuries